Meaning of Soul Urge Number 5

Essence of Soul Urge Number 5: Soul urge number 5 is a number used in Numerology and is very essential in the understanding of the human life and nature. Just like other soul numbers, it can be used to understand one’s purpose in life, meaning of life, reasons behind certain behavior in life and most definitely their drive and ambitions.

Obtaining the Soul Urge Number 5

The soul urge number 5 is attributed to those born in the dates; 5th, 14th and 23rd of the months of the year. Additionally, the number is obtained by numerical representation of one’s first, middle and final names. The numerical figures are added separately for all the names after which they are all added to obtain one single digit or in special cases the numbers; 11, 22 and 33.


Soul Urge Number 5

Often referred to as the ‘fives’, they are regarded as the intellects and the thinkers of society. They are known to always be in a state of thinking, reasoning and wanting to know more and more. Generally, they have a vast knowledge of various aspects of life and possess a deeper understanding of life due to their research and intense interactions with others.

The ‘fives’ are seen to be very happy people in society and are often seen to love fun, adventure and to bring more meaning to life and explore all avenues and opportunities available.


With the ‘fives’ being in a constant state of thought and reasoning they are highly innovative and many at times are the ones who come up with new ideas both in life, in scientific fields and even the technological field.

Innovation also makes them quite successful and they are always making money and income using various methods and this makes them very progressive in life.


Change is a very essential aspect of the life of the ‘fives’ and movement and traveling is one way they express their love for change.


The ‘fives’ are great fans of traveling the corners of the world, going on adventure, meeting new people and having a view of all the beautiful things life offers. To them life is like a traveling passport; without experiencing the world it may as well be empty.


People with soul urge number 5 seem to have a great understanding of life and the human mind and this makes them able to understand ones life with ease. Often at times they can tell one’s intentions, and in a way read their minds.


Being lovers of change, ‘fives’ are often making decisions, constantly changing their thoughts on things and making very rapid plans without prior planning.

The ‘fives’ really dislike long term goals and they believe in living life in the moment, in the present and are always in a hurry in whatever they set up their mind to.


The Children

The ‘five’ children are seen to be very charming and they easily get along with all kinds of people in  society. Being a people person, they easily make friends, though such relationships don’t last for long due to their passion for constant change.

They grow up to be very resourceful people who prefer to have more than one income in life and engage in various investments and businesses.

The Woman

The ‘five’ women are observed to be very attractive and very soft spoken and are often picky therefore is really hard for them to choose a partner.

Generally, they are very submissive ladies and attend all their duties pertaining to womanhood.


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