Meaning Of Soul Urge Number 7

Soul Urge Number 7: Numerology having played a deep role in the understanding of the human life, numbers have come to be of great importance in determining ones purpose and characteristics in life.

The calculated soul numbers aid in determining ones personality, motivation, self drive and generally all the reason behind each decision made and every bit of a persons personality.


Who are those with the soul urge number 7? The soul number is obtained using different means and the number 7 is given to those born on the dates 7, 16 and 25 of any month of the calendar. However the number can be obtained from using the numerical representation of ones birth names i.e finding the numerical value of the vowels in the birth names, adding the values obtained in the first, middle and last name then totaling them separately to obtain a single digit or the set of master numbers; 11, 22 and 33.

Soul Urge Number 7

Those with the soul urge number 7 are often associated to life difficulties and challenges, mostly referred to as failures. However with failure comes success, these people in the society often tend to be highly knowledgeable, thoughtful, highly analytical, logical, perfectionists, dreamers and such people have a deep pursuit of truth, better spiritual understanding, reason & cause of nearly everything around them.


With the life challenges and problems, ‘the sevens’ tend to have a deep understanding of the world around them. In order to overcome their challenges they develop deeper reasoning and thus a philosophical approach to life.

They are intrigued in finding reason and cause to everything and quite often don’t believe in a specific religion as they are original people with new ideologies and new philosophies regarding life. In addition, they are often seen to having a desire in mastering aspects of life, meaning of life in whole and generally mastering and understanding every aspect of it.



‘The sevens’ are associated to change and such people are always in pursuit of something new in their lives. They come out to be adventurous as they travel a lot, meet a lot of people with the intention of having better knowledge of the world, deeper connection with people and getting to learn various life cultures


Having been characterized as knowledgeable, ‘sevens‘ are believed to have great life ideas and many at times turn out to be great business minds. With their deeper approach to life and their philosophical lifestyle, they tend to develop very creative ideas and are in most cases hard workers who pursuit their dreams and ideas.

Additionally, with their vast knowledge and life experiences, they are good public speakers and motivators who help people understand the philosophical approach to life and quite often the success aspect of it.


‘The sevens’, in regard to their creative & ideological views and their pursuit of knowledge and reason with cause, they happen to fit with ease in specific life career paths that require such personalities.


Examples include;

  • Judges
  • Scientists
  • Poets
  • Artists
  • Numerologists
  • Thinkers
  • Philosophers


‘Sevens’ tend to be peoples’ people i.e they are very social and easy going with different types of people. They can easily connect to people of different ages, descent and social class. With their down to earth and social nature, such people can live almost anywhere and adapt quite easily.

In most cases, they are considered very friendly and their interaction with others is exceptional ; when around the young, the wise and even kids they come to each groups social level in order to have a better understanding and reasoning.

At a personal level, they are considered socially friendly and very sentimental, romantic and passionate. That sums up soul urge number 7.


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