Just as any number in Numerology, the soul urge number 8 signifies different attributes in the lives of various human beings.

Numerology is seen to be able to understand one’s life by categorizing people in different numbers which helps in knowing one’s purpose and mission in life, understanding their needs, and the reasons behind their various decisions in life, and their general human characteristics.

How is Soul Urge Number 8 Obtained?

Those born on the dates; 8th, 7th, and 26th of the month are referred to as the eight’s i.e.

They have the soul urge number 8.

However, numerical representation can also be used to find the single number and that is obtained by substituting the letters in the first, middle, and last names by respective numbers and adding them till a single digit or 11 & 22 is obtained.

Understanding Soul Urge Number 8

The eights are attributed to humanitarian activities, management, leadership and general success.

Often they are observed to be very keen and patient people with high levels of confidence and vision.

a) Humanitarians

Those with soul urge number 8 are selfless people that can give up everything with a vision of improving the world and bringing a positive impact to it.

They generally give their lives in service to humanity by various deeds; finding solutions to world problems, advocating for peace, assisting the poor and the needy, bringing development to areas around them, etc.

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Mostly, they are the leaders in the society, the managers, the politicians, the researchers, the doctors, the scientists, etc, and they thrive to improve the world in different ways in their professions.

b) Lonely

In accordance to their serious nature and the ‘no-joke’ attitude, they tend to have very few friends and therefore result in them being solo and lonely.

The desire to bring change to the world and excel in whatever they do makes them very busy and therefore turns them to introverts and most people are scared to get attached to them.

However, they get to obtain a few quality friends who are on their intellectual level and share their various dreams of impacting the world positively.

c) Dedicated

The eights have an excelling personality and they don’t settle for anything but the best.

With such self-motivation, they are the best in whatever they set out to do making them a success to the society, the leaders of the people, managers, and directors of companies and institutions.

Such people don’t give up and never leave their deeds halfway.

They stop when done and only when they have achieved their intended goals. To them, its excellence to the end of the road.

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d) Extremists

Both negatively and positively, they are seen to get to the best of what they want.

Just as said above, the eights are perfectionists who believe in nothing but the best of what they do, and whatever the project put into their hand’s success is obtained.

Their massive success; personally, business-wise and social success is a result of their intelligence and great dedication.

Negatively, those with soul urge number 8 come out as vengeful and often ensure destruction of their opponent using any means possible and they would not stop until having obtained satisfaction.