In a world controlled by numerology, different set of numbers are seen to have a great impact on peoples lives and such numbers provide a deeper understanding of lives.

With the numbers, one can understand his/her purpose in life, reasons behind certain decisions & behaviors and generally an insight to their personal lives.

Who are those with soul urge number 9? The soul urge number 9 is given to people based on various ways. Often they are considered to be those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month of the year. However in some scenarios its calculated by assigning numerical figures to the vowels of ones birth names and totaling the numbers of the first, middle and last name to obtain a single number value.

Soul Urge Number 9

Often referred to as the nines, they are associated to the planet of fire and heat i.e Mars, which is attributed to a massive flow of energy. The nines are therefore believed to be having strong souls and quite relentless in their pursuits. Many at times they are considered selfless and compassionate people who are fighters and achievers that swing into action until they accomplish what they are after.

Highly motivated with the quote, “Don’t stop when tired , Stop when done”

a) Humanitarians

One of the greatest attributes of ‘the nines’ is their compassionate and selfless nature. Such people often have a greater self drive to bring an impact to the world and bring positive change to it. They tend to care more about the humankind and changing the world more than they care about themselves.

‘The nines’ are seen to be generous, visionary, compassionate and such people sacrifice their time,money and energy just to make the world a better place and improve the lives of those around them.

b) Success

Soul urge number 9 people are born with vigor, will and self energy, they are in many cases very successful people in their lives and in their respective professional fields. Such people are self motivated, optimistic, doers and have a strong personal drive that steers them to success.

They are seen to dominate in most of their respective fields and as managers & administrators they drive most of these companies and organizations to massive success and profits.

c) Organizers and Administrators

‘The nines’, just as said above are in most cases in high positions of management and leadership. Given the necessary power, influence and resources they are able to steer a company or institution to great levels of success.

Having attributes such as their personal drive, hard work, optimism they are attributed to massive success and breakthroughs and in most cases are seen to take companies from scratch to the top of the corporate ladder.soul urge number 9 2

d) Family People

They are often attributed to being family people and are very committed to family. In addition, they are believed to have obtained good parental care and therefore grow to be gentle and great with children and even animals.

The women are also considered to be the perfect housewives as they are very devoted to their husbands, they are also very gentle, friendly, charming and hospitable.

e) Responsibility

People with soul urge number 9 are very responsible, enthusiastic, self inspired and are always ready to work and achieve whatever they are in pursuit of. They take full responsibility for their actions and never leave anything unattended to.

Not only are they responsible in the corporate world but also in their personal lives and even to the society. They tend to be gentle and compassionate to those working with them and more importantly those below them.

f) Personal Problems and fears

Despite the great attributes and good nature described, ‘the nines’ often have numerous problems with their life partners and often engage in fights and quarrels. They tend to have less order and peace in their personal love lives as the men don’t show much love and respect to their better halves and are often characterized as violent, vindictive and aggressive.

However, they still are generally considered family guys as they are romantic, kind, cheerful and in most scenarios seen to have good physical relationships with their sexual partners. In addition, such men are often seen to consult their wives on various life decisions.