What Is a Soul Urge Number?

The soul urge number is considered a number in Numerology that aids in the study and understanding of one’s life and his/her soul urges.

The soul urge numbers include one’s desires, likes, dislikes and inner cravings. The different numbers just show the different personalities and drives of various people in the world based on their birth dates and other significant methods in obtaining the number. The numbers have their own variations using the numbers 1 to 9 and they are set to reveal people’s life choices and the private side of their lives.


e.g it tells the reasons behind selection of personal matters such as ambitions, marriage, food, desires, sex, friendship and general individual needs.

Astrology is seen to use aspects of nature such as the moon and the sun and what differentiates it from the soul urge number is the involvement of numbers derived from ones birth dates and also ones first, middle and last names.

The soul urge number is believed to be very accurate through ones life and the said characteristics are seen to actually take place. However, the studied characteristics are seen to be more dominant between the ages 35 to 40 after which a different number is set to help in the study of that particular person’s life. The number, referred to as the ‘Number of Destiny’ however doesn’t change the effects of the soul urge number.

The soul urge number is meant to be a lifetime number but certain life changes can lead to its change e.g a change in ones name, change in ones spiritual beliefs, education and marriage to those of certain urge numbers.

Even Soul Urge Number

Those with the even urge numbers i.e 2, 4, 6, 8, 22 tend to be very fierce in whatever they set to do. They are attributed to planning, managing and governance.


They are seen to be the doers in the society who rise to high positions of management and leadership in their respective fields, institutions, industries and companies.

Odd Soul Urge Number

Those with the odd urge number were born to travel and tour the world. Adventure is one of their strong suits and in addition, they are considered to have a strong personality of composure and confidence.

However, they tend to be pitiless towards others and this makes them quite unloved by most people in society.


The soul urge number, sometimes referred to as the desire number, is calculated using the vowels in one’s names by representing them with the corresponding numbers after which a set of calculations are performed to obtain the number.

The vowels in this case are the letters A, E, I, O U and in rare scenarios Y is used as part of this list.

The corresponding representation brings out the following results;

A-1 E-5 I-9 O-6 U-3 Y-7

The Letter Y

Normally, the English vowels constitute a, e, i, o, u however the letter ‘y’ is used as a vowel in the soul urge number calculation in certain cases where its considered a vowel.

*When its considered a vowel

– Cases in which it precedes a vowel and brings out the vowel sound

e.g Bryan

– Cases in which its sound is that of a vowel

e.g Betty

*When considered a consonant

– In cases where used in place of the ‘J’ sound

e.g Yoda

-In cases it follows a vowel but doesn’t bring out the vowel sound

e.g Hayley

– In cases where the syllable has a vowel already in place

The system uses ones full birth names i.e the first, middle and last name or in some cases the first and middle names are quite sufficient.


1. Assign corresponding numbers to the vowels in the 1st, middle, and last names.

2. Add the numbers in each name separately and reduce them to a single digit.

3. Add the obtained numbers and reduce it to a single digit of 1 to 9 .

The single digit obtained is the soul urge number. However special considerations are made to the numbers 11, 22 and 33.

Name Example; Stalix Griffiths

Stalix ( a, i) =1+9=10=1

Griffiths ( i, i) =9+9=18=9

therefore Stalix Griffiths= 1+9=10=1 hence soul urge number 1

Number 1

Attributed to leading, success, independence and always seeking the chance to manage, create and excel in something in society.

Positive vibes; leadership, ambitious, determined, loyal, honest.

Negative vibes; impatient, egocentric, boastful

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Number 2

Their greatest vibrations are; companionship, friendship, partnership and cooperation with others for a peaceful coexistence of those around them.

Positive vibes; tactful, sympathetic, diplomatic, concerned, sensitive towards others, devoted

Negative vibes; overly sensitive, fearful, delicate ego, timid.

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Number 3

Attributed to enjoying life to the fullest and expressing themselves to the world.

Positive vibes; creative, courageous, inspiring, self inspiring, good self expression

Negative vibes; too easy going, accomplishes very little in life, too optimistic, excessive talkers

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Number 4

They strive for an ordered and stable pattern of lifestyle that is based on following a set of life goals and rules of living

Positive vibes; good managers, organizers, responsible, reliable, analytical, honest and conscientious

Negative vibes; stubborn, hide their true feelings, rigid

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Number 5

They love leading a free lifestyle filled with fun, adventure and excitement.

Positive vibes; very adaptable, resourceful, pace setters, highly imaginative.

Negative vibes; impatient, restless, dislike normal structured routine, never finish what they start, irresponsible, hard to commit to a relationship as they fear stability.


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Number 6

Very responsible people who believe in family, love and friendship. Quite diplomatic in nature and they love a state of balance wherever they are.

Positive vibe; responsible, understanding, generous, sympathetic, loving, emotional, affectionate, creative and artistic.

Negative vibe; too emotional, over protective of their loved ones, resentful at times

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Number 7

Attributed to being in a state of studying and they love being alone, far from the noise and distractions of the world.

Positive vibes; idealistic, successful in business, diverse in knowledge

Negative vibes; overly isolated and introverts

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Number 8

Associated with the love of business and the commerce world, power, success and status in the society

Positive vibes; very analytical, judgement sound, good organizers, leadership

Negative vibes; very stubborn and rigid.

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Number 9

Usually humanitarians who are philanthropic and would love to bring a positive impact to the world.

Positive vibes; loving, affectionate, believe in friendship, have a sharing character, sympathetic, generous, inspiring to others.

Negative vibes; too sensitive and emotional

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Number 11

Always motivated to ideologies and they strive to bring a change to the world in terms of new ideas and inventions.

Positive vibes; strong in belief, idealistic, inspiring to others, very thoughtful

Negative vibes; too sensitive, over emotional, not practical in life, often self deceptive

Number 22

Attributed to the desire of wanting to be a greater version of themselves by helping the society and in turn getting a significant power in the world. They are the builders, diplomats, doctors, engineers etc

Positive vibe; practical approach of the world, universal outlook of life, diplomatic, ideological, leadership qualities, visionary

Negative vibes; very dominating, nervous energy and they find it difficult to focus.


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