Meditation, Starseeds, and the Search for Home

Many of us feel as if Earth is not our home. It’s not that we don’t love the Earth herself, the Gaia. In fact, we often feel a deep connection to the Earth itself: the soil, the forests, the oceans. Spending time in Nature often becomes part of our spiritual practice.

The energy that emanates from the Earth helps to ground us, because we are often “lost in the Cosmos,” feeling that our home is elsewhere. We have a deep connection to the Earth, but we realize that Earth is not our place of origin.


I am writing of those of us who consider ourselves to be Starseeds.

Many readers of Spiritual Unite will already know what a Starseed is, but for those readers who are not familiar with the term, here are 10 basic characteristics of Starseeds:

  • Starseeds often feel as if they have an ancient soul and are wise beyond their years.
  • Starseeds often have a deep feeling of homesickness.
  • Starseeds feel drawn to Earth energy, but do not feel as if they are from the Earth.
  • Starseeds feel like strangers in the mainline culture.
  • Starseeds are extremely easily affected by the energy of others.
  • Starseeds experience deep empathy.
  • Starseeds feel a deep sense of purpose but have difficulty finding that purpose.
  • Starseeds are intensely drawn to the wider Universe, and have a deep interest in ET life.
  • Starseeds often have difficulty being in large groups of people.
  • Starseeds are spiritually aware and tend to develop very fast spiritually.

Many Starseeds – perhaps all – are drawn to spiritual development and practice of spiritual disciplines. Starseeds are particularly attracted to meditational methods based on energy activation and balance, especially methods focusing on chakras. We Starseeds understand intrinsically that Reality is fundamentally Energetic, not material, and that our energy levels direct the manifestations of our physical realities.

As the founder of the Association of Integrative Meditation, and a Starseed myself, I am especially interested in the development of meditational techniques which connect Starseeds to an understanding of their origins.

It is important for Starseeds to come to a realization of their home of origin so they can learn how to function in this Earthly incarnation. Part of this process begins with chakra meditation and a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction – a main focus of AIM.


These foundational spiritual practices, though, ultimately lead many members of AIM to discover their true homes via hypnotherapeutic past-life regression and the ability to telepathically communicate with ET members of their race of origin.

My own race of origin is Arcturian. But there are many races of advanced, benevolent ET beings from which Starseeds on Earth originate. If you are a Starseed, I want to offer you a few words of encouragement:

You are not alone.
You are special.
You can reconnect with your origins.


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Blessings on your spiritual journey, and we look forward to journeying with you!


Paul D Payne
Founder, Association for Integrative Meditation


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