Every one of us has lived many, many lives. Through reincarnation, our soul has expressed itself physically in many forms across the ages.

But strangely we keep running into the same souls over and over again.

Meeting A Lover From A Past Life

We get a lot of people talking about meeting lovers from a past life around here, so much so that we did a little digging to find out why this is so common.

And the answer could be life-changing:

Past Lives, Lovers & Soulmates

One thing has always been true about us as human beings:

We are searching for love.

So it should be obvious that over the course of our many past lives we have collected many lovers. Or at least we should have done.

But in reality, we keep encountering the same souls over and over again. History is littered with the same reports we hear today of people feeling that they have loved each other forever despite having just met.

The secret lies in our soul group.

Our soul group is made up of our closest relatives on the tree of universal consciousness. Think of it as a family tree. Every soul on our particular branch is in our soul group.

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And every life we live we find ourselves interacting with the same souls – our soulmates.

They are the ones we fall in love with, the ones we learn from and the ones who hurt us the most. Every karmic lesson is doled out from the hands of our soulmates.

Have I Met A Lover From A Past Life?

Sometimes we meet people and just know that we have known them before. It rings in the intuition, an unshakeable feeling of familiarity.

If this rings true for you right now, you might have met a lover from a past life.

To see if this is the case, there are some signs you can look out for:

You both identify with the same periods of history. If you share an interest in a very specific time and place in history, there’s a good chance you were there together in a past life.

When you fight, you always feel like you have had this fight before. It’s because you probably have – or at least, whatever the argument is about underneath it all.

There are lots of ups and downs. Feelings of jealousy and betrayal are common, and you often have a hard time explaining why you feel that way. Those feelings are left over from a past life.

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You are learning about yourself. These recurring relationships are karmic, serving to prepare your soul for ascension – in this life or the next.

If these signs are apparent in your relationship, then you are probably revisiting an old love from a past life.

And the “why” of it is very simple, once you realise that these past lovers are soulmates.

Meetings with soulmates will punctuate your life, people in your soul group, as all of your past lives have also been. Each one will teach you to be a little better at being your true self.

You can do this for each other because you have been doing it for a very long time. Your souls are intertwined, connected on the astral plane. Your vibrations harmonise easily because you have been together forever.

And when you are done with each other for this life, you bid each other farewell and move on with your journey.

Until you meet again in the next life, to do it all again, hopefully, better.