Our dreams allow us a glimpse into the spiritual world that exists above our familiar physical plane and is often where our spiritual self-learns to take its first few steps.

Separated from the physical body, our spiritual self is unhindered in receiving the wisdom of our spirit guides.

Unfortunately, the return to consciousness when we awake removes much of the clarity, and we are often left thinking: What does that mean?

But memories do remain, even if we can not access them. And it is within these memories, the memories only the spiritual self-has full access to, that we can find the origin of a most peculiar phenomenon:

“I could swear we have met before.”

Meeting A Soulmate

This is often said during a meeting between soulmates. Often, they have a distinct feeling that they have met before, but neither can quite pin down where.

On reflection, one or both may realise that they have met before – in a dream.

This most often happens with soulmates as they are easier to seek out on the spiritual plane than those whose souls are more distantly related.

In fact, from birth, we dream of the people who make up our soul group – the closest relatives of our soul.

It is thought that this phenomenon is merely a way for our spirit guides to ensure we are aware of it when we meet a soulmate.

Adding a dose of the uncanny to an experience almost guarantees that we will put some time into thinking about it, cutting down the time it takes to go from someone who has no soulmates in their life and someone who has at least one.

Warnings And Heads Up

Sometimes the person we meet in a dream that we later meet in real life is not a soulmate. Instead, it may be someone who has little effect on our spiritual life but has the potential to make a massive difference in our personal lives.

This massive difference can be good or bad, and the nature of the dream will tell us that.

For instance, if we meet a man in a dream and he is menacing or scary, then we meet him in real life, we would be well advised to avoid further meetings with him.

It is likely that our spirit guides are warning us that this man has evil intentions or, more likely, that he will unwittingly cause us pain and misery just by being in our life.

On the other hand, if this dream stranger is a healing presence or rescues us in the dream, we can be reasonably sure that this person is going to do good by us.

Our spirit guides are giving us a heads up – this person is worth getting to know. When we meet them in real life, we should make an effort to strike up a friendship.

But whatever happens, listen to your intuition. Dreams are under the domain of our spirit guides and trusting our feelings about a person from a dream that appears in our real life is always the best way to go.