Meeting Soulmate After Twin Flame: How To Overcome Rejection

Meeting soulmate after twin flame? Losing your twin flame is a terrible tragedy. Getting over it and moving on towards newer horizons requires emotional struggle of the highest order.

Most people give up on love after such misfortune befalls on their faint hearts. Sometimes, we meet our twin flames at an inopportune time.

One member of a twin flame union is not spiritually mature enough to sustain a twin flame relationship.

This results in chronic estrangement. During this separation, you feel as if you’ve lost a part of your heart. You feel a gaping hole in your heart.

But we forget that everything arrives and departs in our life for a reason. Our twin flames come in our lives to teach us valuable lessons.Meeting soulmate after twin flame

Meeting Soulmate After Twin Flame

They constantly strive to push us towards spiritual ascension. Although our time with them is marked with pain, we have to look at the bigger picture.

We can’t let atrocities blind our eyes. Suffering only serves to make us better versions of who we are. It drags us out from existentialism and enables us to accept love and light.

All our lives, we run away from ourselves and our lovers. We say that we accept love, but that’s farther from the truth.

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Our emotional insecurities and self-hatred reduce our ability to love and to accept love.

You have to understand that a twin flame union is meant to be challenging. It’s supposed to emotionally drain and physically shatter you so you can rise anew.

It serves to purge you of all the emotional garbage you’ve accumulated inside of you. It is supposed to make you dejected and forlorn so that you can learn from your suffering.

Twin Flame Departure

The departure of a twin does not, in any way, mean that all is lost. It just means that we have to find soul-mates in our life that makes us worthy of our twin flame. Soul-mates are a learning curve.

They teach us how to establish a stable relationship with our flames.

When the time is right, we will reunite with our twin flames, as we are destined to. But first, we must fill ourselves with endless love and light.Meeting soulmate after twin flame

We can only do that if we accept the love we receive from our soul-mates and channel this desire to tap into the consciousness of the universe.

You have to meditate after losing your fated twin. You must process the pain and try to understand what it’s trying to teach you.

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Pain always has a lesson to give. This grieving period, when dealt with in the right way, can reap innumerable benefits.

It can raise your vibration and transform you into an evolved being capable of weathering storms through sheer will.

Meeting twin flame after soul-mate is a fortuitous event. The universe is granting you another chance to grow spiritually and emotionally.

Make sure that you don’t let this opportunity slide by. Not many people are given the same chance as you are. I hope this concludes the question ”meeting soulmate after twin flame”.

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