Meeting Your Twin Flame – Signs of Twin Flame Love

Meeting Your Twin Flame – Signs of meeting your twin flame

One of the many questions asked is about meeting your twin flame, how do we know when we have met our twin flame ?. Many people ask about twin flame questions are usually those who have awakened in their life. Signs would be the one would be aware of it in their life but we have to also be conscious and aware of it.

Over the years I have been hearing about many who have found their twin flames. These individual have shown through books and movies that have been produced. I am one who is researching more on the twin flame signs and symptoms subject. If you are one who has found their twin flame then you are in bliss, if you are searching or wish to know about the signs of meeting your twin flame this maybe helpful for you. You should be aware that twin union is very rare situations but it does happen when one is ready for it.

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Everyone and everything is interconnected in this universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see signs. Follow the signs, and you will uncover your destiny.


I want you to follow your gut instinct and see how you are resonating with these signs. Also note many twin flame experiences and signs will be unique to you, so it might be different from other twin flame couples as its their unique experience and journey. however I do feel we can learn from it and look at the positive sides of things to make the journey more enjoyable to your awakening.

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10 Signs of Meeting your Twin flame

1. You feel complete and in love when you meet one another. No explanation needed just complete feeling.

2. You will go through lots of events where coincidences and synchronnicity happens for both of you.

3. You both have a very strong desire to be together no matter what the obstacles are for both of you.

4. You both allow freedom for each other to pursue ambitions and goals in life, however you both tend to have similar topics.

5. You both have deep connection with each other like telepathy, you can know when your partner is happy, unhappy or there is something bothering them.

6. When you met each other for the first time, you had the feeling of deja vu, some how knowing them before in a past life.

7. You find that you are a mirror image of each other.

8. You feel a sense closeness, love and bond that you may not had before.

9. You feel the relationship is different where both of you have freedom and are not possessive.

10. Even when you are physically apart, you still feel the closeness of each other.

More Signs of Meeting Your Twin Flame


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