Merkaba crystal: Merkaba crystals have a sacred geometry. They are the special stones with 2-star tetrahedrons and carry the energy of Spiritual Transformation.

Healers, seekers and realm walkers use these crystals to connect to higher planes. Not only that, but any spiritual person could use them for self-healing.

There are many kinds of crystals present in our surrounding, and every one of them has their specialty.

Best Merkaba Crystal

Same is the case with Merkaba crystals. Here is a list of best Merkaba crystals that one could own:

Red Jasper Merkaba:

Connected with the root chakra for grounding and stability. The red jasper is the protective stone that also has the power to energise you.

The main powers of this crystal are to purify, transform and ground all the negative energies. When the negativity is removed. It helps the person achieve higher levels of awareness.

It is mostly used for aura cleansing. If you want to remain free from fears and want to gain emotional stability, go for this stone.

Green Aventurine Merkaba:

Connected with heart chakra for healing and love. It is the crystal that could bring prosperity and success. It also helps to maintain friendship and compatibility.

As it is associated with heart and healing. It is known to improve circulation. This stone is also known as abundance stone because it brings health, happiness and fortune in abundance in its owner’s life.

Yellow Aventurine Merkaba:

Connected with the solar plexus chakra for personal power. This stone is most famous as the stone of opportunity.

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This crystal is used to enhance personal control and power of the person. It removes all kinds of self-doubt from the mind and heart of its owner. When enough confidence is achieved, it will only lead towards success.

Lapis Lazuli Merkaba:

Connected with throat chakra for communication. Lapis Lazuli is not a name of the single stone. It is the combination of many minerals including lazurite, pyrite, calcite and others.

The main power of this stone is to connect spiritual and physical worlds. Also known as the communication stone. It enhances dreams so you can interpret them correctly.

Amethyst Merkaba

Connected with the brow chakra for intuition. This crystal is the perfect meditation stone as it leads to balance, peace, patience and calmness.

It is also an ideal stone for lucid dreaming. This stone has the power to enhance your clairaudience, clairvoyance, and telepathic abilities. If you are aware of psychic attacks. This stone blocks their impact.

Crystal Quartz Merkaba

Quartz is a common crystal. It is connected with the crown chakra. This crystal has the power to enhance and amplify the person’s intention.

It leads to spiritual wisdom and growth. Known as the Master healer because of its properties. It even allows access to higher realms.