If you’re looking to unlock the power of your Merkaba, then this is the meditation exercise for you.

Prepare your meditation space and follow the steps.

It is an advanced meditation technique, so bookmark this page and come back until you have mastered it. Merkaba meditation consists of 18 breaths over 3 stages.

It goes as follows:

Stage One: Gaining Balance

All breaths taken are yogic, meaning that you inhale through the nose, filling your abdomen, diaphragm and chest in that order, then exhale in the same order before relaxing.

Breaths should be 7 seconds apart, though it is most important to achieve consistency.

First Breath

As you inhale, touch your thumbs to your forefingers. Visualise a white light surrounding you while opening your heart to love.

As you exhale, cross your eyes slightly then slowly look up. A jolt of energy should trickle down your spine.

Second-Fifth Breaths

Breaths two to five are the same, except you have to change your hand positions, or “mudra”.

With each breath, simply move your thumb along one finger, so that your fifth breath is when you are touching your pinky fingers.

Sixth Breath

Return to the same mudra as in second breath, with your thumb on your middle finger.

At this stage, you should feel clear, polarised and balanced. If you do not, repeat these stages until you do.

Stage Two: Build Pranic Energy

This stage will build the pranic energy needed for the final stage.

Seventh – Thirteenth Breaths

Change your mudra so that your thumbs meet your forefingers and middle fingers.

Each time you inhale, energy will flow from the top and bottom of the energy tube, building a sphere of white light in your navel.

With each exhale, the sphere will swell in power, stretching your chakra system to its limits, then stretching that limit for the next breath.

Fourteenth Breath

After breath thirteen, your pranic energy is stable.

On the fourteenth breath, you should inhale to allow the pranic sphere to shift from your navel to your sternum. With an exhale, you lock it in place.

If any of this hasn’t worked, you must go back and try again. The final four breaths will not work if you have not achieved pranic stability.

Stage Three: Spin Your Merkaba

In this stage, you must stabilise and speed up your Merkaba rotation.

For these breaths, change your mudra once more. If you are female, your right palm should be placed on your left palm, and vice versa if you are male.

Fifteenth Breath

Visualise the opposing tetrahedrons, spinning in opposite directions. The male spins counter-clockwise, the female spins clockwise.

Inhale as before, but on exhale make a hole with your lips and breathe out with pressure. As you do, the rotation speed of the tetrahedrons will increase.

Sixteenth & Seventeenth Breaths

Do the same thing, but increase the speed. Feel the energy building as the speed increases.

Ensure that both are rotating at the same speed, and if you lose your sense of balance then stop.

The Final Breath

With your eighteenth and final breath, allow your higher self to inhabit your body as your Merkaba reaches full power.

You may experience a brief period of “being elsewhere”, accompanied by euphoria.