The Merkaba sacred geometry is central to the spiritual practices of many traditions.

It is representative of your Merkaba, the pure energy form of your higher self that has access to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Through it, you can unlock many of the metaphysical powers that spiritual life can bring.

Understanding the concept will help you to form a stronger connection with your inner wisdom.

It works by enhancing your intuitive understanding of the energetic make-up of your mind, body, and spirit.

Do you want to learn more about the nature of your subtle body?

Read below for our guide on the sacred geometry of the Merkaba.

What Is The Merkaba?

The Merkaba is sometimes referred to as your “light body.”

The word originates from three separate words: Mer, meaning “light”; Ka, meaning “spirit”; and Ba, meaning “body.”

It is easier to understand on an intuitive level if you think of it as the “Spirit” part of Mind-Body-Spirit.

In essence, it is the collective name for all of the metaphysical parts of your being.

Primarily it is made up of your chakra system, your aura and all of the energy that flows through your meridian lines within you that connects it all.

Do I Have One?

Everybody has one, though for most people it lies dormant for their whole life.

It used to be the case that only the most enlightened, ascended masters could unlock its power.

Today in the 21st century with the internet making information more freely available, it has now become possible for anyone with the dedication and patience.

Activation of your Merkaba allows you to access all sorts of power that is unavailable to you beforehand.

It includes inter-dimensional travel and access to Source energy, essentially unlocking higher consciousness for you to tap into.

There are many techniques you can use to do this, and you can find guides on how to do so elsewhere on this site.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the name we give to the shapes and symbols that have held metaphysical and symbolic significance for people since the dawn of time.

Have you ever wondered why so many different traditions, religions, and cultures share so many of the same symbols and shapes in their iconography?

It would have to be a massive coincidence for this to happen by pure accident.

The fact is that some shapes and symbols hold power within them.

Not only are they beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but they also hold wisdom and knowledge about the nature of reality and the universe.

The Star of David, the Crescent Moon, and many other symbols have been used all over the world in different ways, but mostly representing the same sorts of things.

It follows that some shapes and symbols are intrinsically spiritual in their unique forms.

It has been a core belief in numerous traditions since the beginning of history, and it has never fallen out of fashion.UniversalTransmissionsIII Merkaba04 web e1567137937373

Power Of Merkaba Sacred Geometry

The sacred geometry of the Merkaba is particularly special in that you can interact with it directly.

Indeed you have to interact directly with it to activate it. It is done by “spinning” it until it rotates at the correct frequency.

So what is the geometry of your light body?

It is formed in three dimensions by two opposing tetrahedrons.

They represent the opposing energies of the divine masculine and divine feminine, two forces within our bodies that we must bring into balance.

The masculine tetrahedron has its point facing up while the feminine points downwards.

They intersect at their centers of mass, which forms a sort of star shape with smaller tetrahedral extensions.

This opposition of energy is important. Within each of us exists both the divine masculine and the divine feminine, represented within our energy.

Having more of one type than the other is absolutely normal, but is not ideal in any way.

Bringing these two opposing energies into balance is crucial to activating your Merkaba and unlocking its power.

Expressing too much of either type of energy can cause problems within your subtle body system, leading to blockages and over-activations in your chakras.

During the process of activation, this shape begins to spin. The two tetrahedrons spin in opposite directions, creating a field of energy through the power of electromagnetism.

This field forms the basis of your aura.

As the speed of the spin increases, more and more layers of your aura are able to come into full form.

Using the Eighteen Breaths technique, you can steadily increase the speed of rotation until your aura is at its maximum size.

Of course, this isn’t the only use of this sacred symbol. The Merkaba is also your light vehicle.

It means that you can use it to transport your consciousness between dimensions of reality, and can even carry it across incredible distances in interstellar space.

This vehicle is how Starseeds, Crystal, and Indigo Children reached us here on Earth and began their mission to raise the vibrations of humanity.

Through numerous ritual processes designed to effect this kind of light body travel, you can spin up your Merkaba and use it to house your consciousness outside of your physical body.

It is essential for traveling on the astral plane.merkaba keith joseph chouinard e1567138046655

Merkaba Star

The Merkaba Star is a type of healing crystal that uses the sacred geometry of the Merkaba to help you to awaken your higher self and gain access to your light body.

It is often used to aid in astral travel, mediumship, and cosmic healing.

This awesome healing crystal makes an excellent addition to your collection, and a great start to one if you haven’t tried crystal healing before!

It is useful in nearly every spiritual practice because it represents the basis for all of it.

But if crystals aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways you can introduce this symbol into your life.

You could use posters, cloth patterns, and canvases to achieve a similar effect through familiarity with sacred geometry.

And if you don’t want to do any of that, you could always learn to draw it.

After all, what better way is there to learn the intricacies of a symbol than to draw it?

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