The Merkaba Symbol is an ancient piece of geometry that symbolizes the delicate balance and awesome power of spiritual-physical beings like us.

This symbol is used by many to elicit a light vehicle around themselves, which can aid in spiritual practice and healing.

But the meaning is far more profound than that, rooted in what it is to be spiritually aware, energetically balanced and – to some extent – human.

What Is The Merkaba Symbol?

The symbol itself is two tetrahedrons arranged so that one points up and the other points down. Reminiscent of our kundalini, as it has two paths, one up on down.

They intersect to make a star shape, quite similar to the Star Of David on a 2D surface, but it is a 3D shape and makes no sense in 2D.Merkaba Symbol - The merkaba star

The two tetrahedrons represent the two opposing energy forces – masculine and feminine.

Each spins in opposite directions, creating a magnetic field around it.

This field produces light energy that increases with the speed of the spinning tetrahedrons.

The speed at which your Merkaba spins primarily dictates your spiritual state, as this is where most of your cosmic energy comes.

Having them both spin at the same speed is essential to maintain internal balance.

Merkaba Symbolises A Real Process

The Merkaba symbol is simply a visual representation of something real that is happening in your subtle body.

Nobody is born with their Merkaba fully functioning and spinning at top speed. It requires spiritual action, progress, and a lot of meditation.

There are Merkaba meditation techniques and rituals that you can undertake to help bring it up to speed.

Doing these meditations will only work if you are in the right place for it.

Being “in the right place for it” means being free from negative energy, healed of the old wounds you may be hanging on to.

In a state of balance with your masculine and feminine energies.

Activation through meditation will allow you to harness a whole new level of light energy on your path.

You will feel the energy pulse around you, whirling as you become the calm in the eye of the storm.

The Two Trinities Of Merkaba

The two trinities of this symbol are as follows:

Light, Spirit, Body.

Masculine, Feminine, Power.

Mer-Ka-Ba means light, spirit, body, and symbolizes the mind-body-spirit connection.

It describes how these three forces meet to create you.

Similarly, the opposing energies of the tetrahedrons represent the masculine and the feminine, and the power created by their interplay.

Nobody has only masculine or only feminine energies. We all have both and, despite their names, they have nothing to do with gender.

Men can be feminine. Women can be masculine.

It is in finding the balance that works for your soul that will unlock your Merkaba’s true potential.

These trinities are the key to finding inner peace, as they encompass the essence of what and who we are. Understanding the Merkaba symbol is, at its core, understanding ourselves.

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