Too often, people treat their sickness and illnesses and other ailments as purely physical problems.

Usually, this is enough – we as a society have developed great medicines that can cure all sorts of problems!

But as the rest of the world can attest – and the western world is slowly learning this – healing requires more than just a physical cure.

Metaphysical healing techniques address the core problems that lead to the health and personal problems we often have to see a doctor.

By using these techniques, you can help to prevent the negative energies that cause these illnesses from taking hold once more.

Here are some of the best metaphysical healing techniques that could help you with your metaphysical health.

Chakra Healing

The chakra system exists within our subtle body, and is made up of seven primary energy centres called “chakras”.

These chakras regulate the flow of metaphysical energy throughout the body.

All being well, these chakras should be open enough to let the energy flow in an orderly manner.

Also, the energy needs to balance with each other so that there is no build up of energy within one chakra over the others.

Unfortunately, life has a funny way of throwing a spanner into these very delicate works.

Negative energy can be picked up, blocking the flow of energy like cholesterol in the arteries.

Overstimulation of one chakra energy centre over the others can lead to the opposite problem.

You see, too much metaphysical energy overloading the chakra system can lead to problems with self-control, grounding and anxiety, among many others.

Chakra healing involves meditation on these chakras, encouraging the energy to flow through affirmations, visualisation and mindfulness.

With practice (and guidance, see other articles on this site for specific chakra meditations) this will become a regular thing that you do to take care of your metaphysical energy flow.

Tai Chi, Yoga & Qigong

While these three activities may not seem very connected to you, they are doing the same thing when it comes to metaphysical healing.

By connecting the body and mind in an attempt to regulate energy flow within the body.

Besides the obvious health benefits regarding fitness, flexibility and suppleness, these mind-body techniques provide metaphysical healing by stimulating the energy flow.

Qigong, in particular, subscribes to this idea.

They posit that blocked energy flow through what practitioners call “meridians” is the root of illness in most people.

In light of this, Qigong stresses mental and emotional clearing while simultaneously stimulating energy with physical movement.

Self Appreciation

Finally, we have the most simple metaphysical healing technique known to humankind:

Human kindness.

Specifically, learning to love yourself – warts and all – has been proven scientifically to improve the recovery chances of patients.

The mind is extremely powerful. It’s why placebos work, despite being nothing but sugar pills. Your mind is in control of your body.

So practice a little kindness to yourself every morning.

A little self-love and acceptance of where and who you are right now can go a long way to ridding yourself of the negative energy that drags you down.