Humankind has discovered an enormous variety of metaphysical symbols.

But where do these symbols come from, and what are their meanings?

This guide to the most common metaphysical symbols and the meaning to them should serve you well along your journey to enlightenment.

Ahnk:  Female/Eternal Life

Perhaps the most famous of the Ancient Egyptian symbols, the Ahnk represents eternal life realised through the female form.

Commonly used as a protective symbol, it is also seen in water healing rituals.

Bagua: Domestic Life In Balance

This metaphysical symbol, originating from the eastern art of Feng Shui, symbolises balance in all aspects of domestic life.

Maintaining a stable home leads to stability in life. The display of the Bagua symbol reinforces this idea.

Eyes of Buddha: Third Eye Open

The Eyes of Buddha teach us to see the world through the ideal of the divine feminine – that is, with kindness and compassion.

This symbol also holds the metaphysical power that can aid and process Universal awakening.

Dharma Wheel – The Eight-Fold Path

The Eight-Fold Path is the core of the Buddhist tradition, describing the core tenets that lead to enlightenment.

The symbol reminds us of these teachings and the importance of our journey.

Flower of Life: Sacred Geometry Of Creation

This symbol represents the interlocking, interconnected field of creation. All life emerges from the same stuff, according to the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life.

Used in meditation on consciousness and oneness to accelerate enlightenment and understanding.

Hexagram: Duality

Most commonly recognised as the Star of David from the Jewish faith, the hexagram shows up all over the world and in many traditions.

This symbol represents the duality of nature and humanity, as well as the dual nature of the soul.

It is present when healing the heart chakra for its links with bridging the physical and the metaphysical.

Lotus: Rebirth

The lotus flower is a type of water-lily that rises from the mud in murky waters. It emerges pristine and beautiful.

Across many cultures, the lotus flower has symbolised rebirth. This symbolic notion of the lotus flower reminds us to show forgiveness, to move past the emotional pain that plagues you and to be humble instead of angry.

Om: Creation Manifest

One of the most ancient metaphysical symbols, Om (or Aum) represents the sound of creation.

It is used in meditation and rituals to help to manifest good intentions and bring enlightenment.

The use of this symbol has been shown to have been prevalent in numerous societies all over the globe, showing the universality of this sacred symbol.

Pentagram: Celtic Balance

The Celtic peoples had many symbols, but the pentagram has endured the longest. Its meaning has changed in popular culture, but the metaphysical meaning of the symbol remains the same.

It represents a balance between the five points – air, earth, water, fire and, pointing straight upwards, life.

Often used to aid in protection rituals, as well as a cleansing element in a meditative space.

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