It’s one of the central goals of all of our lives – the mirror soul meaning we are chasing is represented and reinforced in film, TV, music, literature and every other art form imaginable is the search for “the one”.

Popular culture uses the word soulmates, but in truth, soulmates are a different thing altogether. What these pop culture mediums are talking about are twin flames.

Your twin flame is your “one true love”, though it’s more complicated than that. If you want a better description of your mirror soul, then twin flame.

What Is A Twin Flame?

You and your twin flame share something very deep in common – you share a soul.

Not in the literal sense, of course – you each have your own soul. We say you share a soul because you both have an identical soul pattern or blueprint.Mirror Soul Meaning - Together again

You can think of your souls as keys to make it clearer to see. Both of your keys unlock the same door, so the pattern they are must be the same.

However, there will be scratches and dents picked up on the way that won’t be identical – and they’re very likely on a different keyring.

The fact that your souls share a unique energy pattern only with each other is part of the reason we call twin flames “mirror souls”.

Their soul is a mirror of yours, showing all the same patterns and quirks. Through your twin flame, you can see your own soul more clearly and better understand how your experiences have affected you throughout your life.

Mirror Soul Meaning | Holding Up A Mirror To Your Soul

The twin flame relationship is exciting and inspiring from the very beginning, often filled with a level of passion and love rarely seen in other romantic relationships.

However, the purpose of your twin flame relationship is not to make you happy – it’s to make you a better person.

The point of your twin flame relationship is to unite in twin flame union and ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.

To do this, you will both go on a journey of self-improvement and higher awareness to bring your energies in line with your ideal.

In taking the high road together, we get to touch on another part of why twin flames keep popping up as mirror souls – your twin flame is not only a mirror of your soul but also a mirror for your soul.

Your twin flame will help you to see yourself more clearly, giving you a new perspective on your own personal and spiritual state.

Examining yourself for your flaws and bad habits is difficult. We spend our whole lives trying to wrestle with our own egos over self-awareness, and the ego often wins.

The ego tries to get in the way of honest self-examination because every imperfection you find will hurt its pride.

Part of the twin flame journey is the shedding of ego, but to get started on that journey it is easier just to cut out the middleman.

Having a mirror soul allows you to see your own shortcomings in someone else. Viewing your weaknesses through your twin flame helps keep your ego out of it as you are criticising someone else instead of yourself.

But the result is the same as you can address your own shortcomings in a more eco-friendly way.

Mirror Soul Meaning | Mirror Soul, Mirror Lives

Twin flames tend to lead very similar lives before the meeting, with their mirror souls walking parallel paths that will eventually converge.

Although superficially many of the details of your lives are different, once you dig into what you learned and how you were affected, you will find that you share a lot from your early life.

In particular, twin flames tend to have had similar childhood challenges. For instance, you might both have had the same unfortunate time at school, or you might both be children of divorce.

You will also discover that before you met, you had almost run into each other numerous times.

Twin flames often find out that they have been to the same places as each other at the same time on plenty of occasions, but as neither of them was ready for their twin flame they didn’t meet.

Crisscrossing but not meeting is an example of synchronicity. Synchronicity is an engineered coincidence, a way for the universe to bring twin flames together using seemingly “random” events – though synchronicity isn’t only about twin flames.

Because of the mirrored nature of twin flames’ early lives, and their mirror souls, they usually have a shared set of values and priorities.

This similarity in general outlook can lead to many benefits for twin flames in the twin flame relationship.

Mirror Soul HarmonyMirror Soul Meaning - Distant couple

Having harmonious reflections is the reason that twin flames work so well together – their mirror souls can exist in perfect harmony with one another.

With a shared set of values and a shared set of morals, it is far easier for twin flames to progress in their relationship and go after a shared set of goals.

Much of the relationship trouble we experience throughout our lives is a result of clashing values. When one of you values freedom and the other values responsibility, it is hard to pick a path that works for both of you.

Twin flames, armed with mirror souls, do not suffer from this problem.

There is also something to be said for the contribution of being on your most accurate path can make to the success of a relationship.

When twin flames are together, they jointly have a sense of destiny – they know that together they are where they are supposed to be, with who they are supposed to be with and travelling towards where they are supposed to be going.

A prosperous path resonates with the soul as you fulfil your soul purpose, filling you with love and light and helping to balance your energies.

This complete sense of fulfilment produces happiness and contentment, contributing to the harmony and success of your twin flame relationship.