Your monkey spirit animal appears when you need a little more energy in your life.

The inquisitiveness, sociability and childlike nature of the monkey spirit animal hold much guidance for you at this moment in your life.

To find the meaning of your monkey spirit animal, you need to discover the rich symbolism of the monkey.

Be Inquisitive & Discover

Monkeys are the most curious of all animal groups. Their endless appetite for discovery reminds us of ourselves – or, at least, how we wish we would be.

As time goes by, we naturally become more set in our ways.

We develop habits, ways of doing things that work well enough for us not to bother changing it.

Your monkey spirit animal urges you to reconsider this way of living.

The act of discovery through your inquisitiveness is a joy many of us only remember from childhood when everything was new.

We tend once we have grown up to assume that we have it all figured out.

But this is an illusion. An excuse for stagnation rediscover your analytical mind and learn something new.

Release Your Inner Child

Your monkey spirit animal urges you to find that inner child and let them out to play!

Children are far better at being happy that we are. Gather a hundred kids in a room, and the sound will be deafening.

Put a hundred adults in that same room and, without the addition of intoxication and heavy music, the most you’ll hear is the murmur of polite conversation.

Your monkey spirit animal wants you to rediscover your youthful spirit.

Of course, the reason we have to grow up is because life has responsibilities.

Sometimes we are required to be serious. But the key to life is a balance, and most of us are leaning heavily on the serious side.

Try to find the joy in what you are doing. And if there is no joy in what you are doing, and it isn’t necessary to do it, then it might be time to cut out that part of your life.

Build Your Relationships

Finally, your monkey spirit animal also reminds you to maintain and build upon your relationships.

All monkeys are social animals. They form friendships, have close family bonds and engage in a whole lot of grooming.

Your monkey spirit animal is reminding you to do a bit of grooming for the people in your life.

Not literally, of course. What this means is that you can strengthen your relationships by helping your friends with their menial problems – not just the big ones!

Sure, it’s great if you’re there for them just after a break-up, but you should also be there when they need a chat or when they need a small favour.

It works both ways. When you ask someone to help you with something, they feel a stronger connection with you.

This mutual exchange helps you to solidify your bonds of friendship.

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