Most Powerful Crystals: Healing and energy crystals are a key part of spiritual life.

They hold within them powerful energies that can help us in a variety of circumstances and situations.

We should not mine any more crystals out of Mother Earth, only use what is already out. Mother needs them more than us.

Some crystals specialise in certain situations and excel at particular things, while other crystals are more about amplifying or clarifying other crystals or energies.

Most Powerful Crystals

For the beginner, it can be quite a confusing experience to see the vast variety of energy crystals and not know even what they are used for.

We are here to help you.

Here is our list of the most powerful crystals for spiritual practice:

 Clear Quartz

Undoubtedly the most powerful crystal for clearing negative energies, this crystal is perfect to place around the house and perhaps even on our desk in the workplace.

We use clear quartz when we sense dark and negative energies seeping into our aura.

These energies might come from others, or it might originate from within ourselves.

Either way, a strategically placed clear quartz can help us to deal with this.

Clear quartz also serves to amplify the effects of other nearby energy crystals and is always a safe bet for any spiritual practice.

Rose Quartz

The love stone. This rose coloured quartz crystal resonates and amplifies love energies and can be very useful when we are in the market for some romance.

However, this is not the only use for rose quartz.

We can also use this crystal to inspire self-love, feelings of kindness and to foster spiritual connections – as well as deal with blockages in our heart chakra.


This beautiful gemstone is a potent item to have for the spiritually driven.

The energetic properties of this blue-green gemstone foster honesty and clarity, making it extremely useful for spiritual practice.

When we are examining ourselves and doing a bit of soul-searching, we should keep some turquoise crystals nearby to assist in our ability, to be honest about our flaws.

It is also a crystal of abundance, bringing good luck in financial matters.


This powerful healing crystal is of particular use to us when we are feeling down.

A few sunstones kept in the breast pocket or one worn around the neck can help us to feel motivated and energetic when our mood is decidedly blue.

Great for personal skills, a lot of people use sunstone to help them prepare for an important work meeting or event when they need to be in networking mode.

Tiger Eye

This stunning protection crystal helps to shield us from harm and negative energies.

Often it is best to keep one of these on you when treading new ground or entering a difficult situation.

Tiger eye crystals can boost us with the confidence and self-assurance we need to tackle potentially harmful situations.

 We should feel safe while using tiger eye stones, our auras shielding us from the harmful energies that can seep into our lives.

Take power from it and internalise this protective energy.