Moving Through The Twin Flame Process

You may be aware that you and your twin have gone through the twin flame process. It will be refreshing for you to know each of the stages and increase your awareness about what may come along your twin flame journey. We have listed below the twin flame process; you could be in any of the stages listed. Let’s begin…

The twin flame process of recognition

This is the stage where you recognize your twin flame. Now it may begin as an instant connection or a gradual process. In this stage your soul knows you have found your twin flame and your connection is mutually acknowledged. This stage may begin as a romantic connection or a gradual friendship and the romance may come later, you do know each other very well, your soul knows and the spiritual connection is there.


The process of Realignment

After the stage of recognizing your twin, there is usually a realignment stage. You begin to get a footing to what is actually happening to you. You try to understand any way you can and absorb; it can take days to months to understand. Know that it’s part of the process.

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The connection of pure love

When you have began to figure out why this person is very significant in your life and what this connection means to you… You have recognized the pure hearted love that unfolds. This is the connection of pure love, both of you have recognized each other, you have committed to a deep love for each other, a strong bond that is real and electric.

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The stage of separation

After the connection of pure love the separation stage may follow. This stage happens because one of the twins feel extreme love and emotion as result of the connection. One twin may become the runner.


The stage of self realization

After the separation stage comes the stage of self realization. This is a gradual process you begin to remove all the layers that no longer serve you.


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The Stage of self illumination

The illumination stage is where you are bringing in more light into your life or becoming a light body. More light, more self love.

Now you realize just like any other relationship there is a process, the same is true for twin flames. You could be on the earlier stages not be affected by of any other latter stages of the relationship, it’s good to be aware of them. Please leave a comment if the article was helpful, we love hearing from you.



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