Everyone has multiple colors appear and disappear in their aura over their lifetime.

However most days everyone has just one or two predominant aura colours. What does it mean when we come across someone whose aura is full of many colours.

These people have multi-coloured auras, commonly known as the Rainbow aura.Multi-Coloured Aura

Rainbow auras are very special and even rarer. This is because they only manifest around people who have a very special character.

We can expect someone with a multi-coloured aura to be:

Outgoing & Confident

As dazzling as the Rainbow aura appears, it is nothing compared to the dazzle in the holder.

They naturally tread the line between confident and cocky, often charming people with ease.

Friendships come easily, as does loyalty.

Rainbows thrive in social situations and love to meet new people. But they are also the type of person that does not forget where they came from and the friends they made along the way.

Talented Healers

The Rainbow aura represents all wavelengths of light energy in its multi-coloured spectrum, and as such just being around a Rainbow aura is healing for one’s own energies.

Trained and utilised, this innate talent can bring happiness and oneness to others on a larger scale.

For this reason, many Rainbows go into spiritual healing, social care and medicine, as well as being excellent parents and partners.

Every Rainbow has their own way, but by their very nature, they look to help others and to heal their wounds.

Strong-Willed & Intuitive

Like all metaphysically connected beings, those with a multi-coloured aura rely heavily on intuition.

It is no accident, as those who pay attention to their intuition are paying attention to their souls and ancient ancestral guides.

What sets Rainbows apart is their strong-willed nature, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on the situation.

In leadership roles or decision-making roles, a Rainbow excels at quickly reaching a solid conclusion and getting a plan in place. Self-doubt and second thoughts unencumber them.

But this reliance on intuition means that they can rarely explain their reasons for reaching a conclusion, which can be very frustrating for colleagues and superiors.

Optimistic & Content

Individuals with a multi-coloured aura exude optimism and are usually content with their lot in life.

For them, tomorrow will be brighter than today but today was bright enough anyway!

One drawback of this is that Rainbows tend to be unambitious, preferring the status quo to progression in a career or towards a dream.

When not motivated by others, they tend to stay exactly where they are.

The Rainbow aura is one of the most special auras and one you should be proud to have – if you have it!

And if you do, remember that it is in your nature to be kind, giving and a healing presence for everyone who passes through your life.

But you also need the right people around you to make sure you aren’t sitting still when you should be moving forward.