This article is about mutual attraction signs between two people. Wondering if there is a special connection between you two?

Love is the most profound feeling ever and words may not be enough to express it, but certain actions and behavior would definitely show the presence of love between two people.

You might have that special person in your life, but he/she has never confessed their love verbally, therefore certain actions on their side can be clues showing they are into you too and have also fallen in love.

Listed below are mutual attraction signs you may notice when you are both together.

Mutual Attraction Signs: There is Constant Communication

The love between two people grows daily by communication and one sure way of sensing love is the desire to talk to the other every time.

He/she will also have a mutual desire of being in contact with you, always asking questions about your life and trying to be there in your day to day life activities.

Addiction may be the better word to describe the feeling as its hard for you to resist keeping in touch with each other nearly at all times.

Always having the desire to be connected; face to face, via phone, or even text.

Quarrels never seem to last long and the silent treatment on each other isn’t an option.

The constant desire to be talking to each other allows you two to figure out and correct mistakes so as to continue having the communications.

Communication is one of the important mutual attraction signs.

Body language

Body language is another important mutual attraction signs of knowing there is love between you both, therapists and psychologists say there are certain body languages that are exhibited between those in love with each other.

Smiling is one of them and you can tell that someone is into you when they are constantly smiling when talking to you or just smiling looking at you.

Someone interested in you may also in most cases sit facing you as they slightly tilt their head and keep their arms and legs apart as a sign of openness to you.

You will also find yourself exhibiting the same body language when around them.

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Creating Time

Time is the most precious gift to those interested in each other and a way of sensing attraction is when you both create time for each other.

No matter your difficult life schedules, the two of you will always find time to spend together, share memories, have fun and just be there for each attraction signs

Constant eye contact

The eyes often show one’s feeling such as anger, sadness, happiness, anxiety, and much more, and in addition, it can show the love between two people.

You will always find yourself and your partner locked with loving and caring eyes that really can’t be explained except by the two of you.

The simple look and the eyes gazing at each other connects you two and you can feel the love, the affection, and the attraction between you two.


Laughing and having fun is a way of showing to each other how happy you are in the presence of each other and its always known that we only play and joke with those we care about.

A sure mutual attraction sign is when you enjoy each others’ company, joking around, laughing together, and playing around and this shows the comfort and happiness between the two of you.

Signs Of Mutual Attraction At Work

The workplace is one place where the usual signs are muddied a little.

We all act differently at work as it is a more formal situation and therefore the typical body language and conversational tells will not be as useful – though we should still look out for them!

But we should also look out for workplace-specific signs.

Making an excuse to work together is one sign of attraction.

Constant email communication, always bringing coffee or “something you should look at” and automatically going to lunch together are all signs of mutual attraction.

Another one is that people who are attracted to each other at work feel the need to hide it as soon as someone else approaches.

A sudden change in mood, often given away by tension in the air, when someone else approaches is a sure sign of mutual attraction.

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We might also notice an air of secrecy, as they might have office rules or such as obstacles to their relationship.

This type of experience tends to leave muddy energy in the air, which we might notice by concentrating on our intuition.

How To Tell If There Is Chemistry Between Two People

One near an infallible sign that there is a mutual attraction between two people is that they have chemistry.

People who have chemistry have particular ease with each other.

To them, they are the only people in the world for a moment, and they share with each other with little inhibition.

To outsiders this may seem obnoxious – they tend to be very loud, having forgotten any notion of etiquette as they are swept up in near-perfect communication – but it is their chemistry that has intoxicated them.

This level of chemistry is almost necessary for a mutual attraction to go any further, and it is often the case that we are most attracted to those with whom we share particularly strong chemistry.

Strong Chemistry Between Two People

Mutual attraction is fleeting without strong chemistry. But what exactly is strong chemistry?

The strong chemistry between two people is a sign of close energetic attunement.

Put simply, the patterns of energy within us that govern our instincts and behaviours match a high proportion of theirs – and this causes us to more easily interact as our energies work together to facilitate a connection.

And that is what is being established. Mutual attraction is a form of magnetism between souls, between conscious beings.

Strong chemistry is merely a catalyst for the process that forms a spiritual connection between these two magnetised souls.

Looked at through this lens, we can say that mutual attraction is itself a symptom of two souls that recognise themselves in each other.

For the purposes of universal ascension, souls organising themselves in attunement groups is vital.

This is why discovering mutual attraction with strong chemistry is often a core drive for us in life.

But the opportunities are rife. Mutual attraction and strong chemistry are a perfect combination, and the universe was not ignorant of that before it created itself.