“My twin flame does not want me!” – it’s something we hear all the time, and it always breaks our hearts.

Struggling with unrequited love with anyone is difficult enough, but it can be even more painful to experience it with your mirror soul.

After all, they are supposed to be your one and only! Your one true love! The person you are destined to be with and who is fated to be with you.

The thing is, that idea is not quite right.

If your twin flame does not want you, then it could be for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes these partnerships just aren’t destined to be together in this lifetime, and we will explore some reasons why that might be.

Of course, it could just be that your mirror soul isn’t ready for you yet – in which case, you should read on to discover what you should be doing while you wait.

My Twin Flame Does Not Want Me… Yet

Seeing as most twin flame relationships do end up forming in the traditional, romantic way, we should start there.

One thing you should know about this unique type of karmic relationship is that there is usually a stage of separation where one partner runs away from the other.

In one way or another, they will deny the existence of your intense connection.

If this sounds familiar to you, then worry not.

You are simply in the separation stage, sometimes called the runner and chaser stage because one partner runs from the relationship while the other is intent on chasing it.

Apparently, you are the chaser.

This stage comes to an end at some point. For some people, it can be a matter of days or even hours!

For others, it can take longer, weeks, or even months. For an unlucky few, it can take many years and even decades, but that is very rare indeed.

The mistake many people make when they find themselves in this situation is to play into the idea of being a “chaser” and pursue their “runner” relentlessly.

It is counterproductive, as the point of this stage is to give both of you space to reach the right mental and spiritual state for the relationship to start.

The best thing you can do if you find yourself as a chaser is to turn your focus inwards.

Work on your own flaws and weaknesses, meditate on your strengths and advantages, and if you must then send simple messages of love and support to your twin.

You can do this via text, phone, or in real life if you see each other – but if they ask you to stop, you have to respect that and stop.

Faced with the prospect of no contact with their twin, many choose to engage in telepathy meditation where they can utilize their strong spiritual connection to send messages of love and support straight to their subconscious mind.

It can be an excellent tool, but remember that you are not supposed to be convincing them to want you.

Your twin will make that decision for themselves when the time is right – you are merely supporting them through their journey towards you.

My Twin Flame Does Not Want Me… But, For Real

Of course, this does not cover every situation.

While the most probable answer is that you are in the prevalent twin flame separation stage, if you know this isn’t the case, then there are other explanations.

The first thing you should consider is if the person really is your true twin.

A lot of people find themselves falling into a trap when it comes to this relationship.

Because of the enormous benefits of being in it and the exciting spiritual journey, it embarks you on, some people misread the signs and think they have met their mirror soul when they actually haven’t.

The most common way this happens is if you have met your false twin.

Your false twin will show all of the external signs of a true twin at the beginning of the relationship, but things quickly turn sour, and it often ends with them leaving due to a fear of commitment.

If they don’t want you, they might not be your mirror soul at all.

But they could still be, even if they have expressed that they are not interested in a romantic relationship with you.

It is actually perfectly normal and, while it is less common than the traditional romantic form, the relationship is just as powerful and useful in platonic forms.

If they have expressed a lack of interest in your romantically but still want to be friends or have some contact, then this is probably what is happening.

You haven’t misread the signs; you just have different expectations that you need to bring in line with each other.

Twin flames can have many different types of relationship, including best friends, family, mentor/mentee, long-distance, and entirely spiritual (non-physical).

The exact form your relationship will take will depend on both of you and how you agreed to assist each other before you were born into this world.

If this sounds familiar, then the best thing for you to do is to communicate honestly with them about your feelings and ask them to be honest with you about theirs.

Without honest communication, you will be stuck in your current predicament for the foreseeable future.

Finally, it’s best not to put your plans on hold or your future at stake just to wait for your twin flame to want you.

It might never happen in the way you expect it to, and it will not happen until you are ready for it anyway.

Perhaps now is the time to take a look at yourself and what you want to do and be, separate from any ideas about love and relationships.

After all, love has a funny way of showing up only when we aren’t looking for it.

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