Finding a twin flame and living a happy life with him/her might seem too dreamy, but the path which leads to this destination is full of rocks and hurdles. When you first meet your twin flame, you may feel mesmerised, but your most time is spent in this single thought, “my twin flame is ignoring me”.

Here are the reasons why your twin flame may ignore you and what you should do in the situation:


Facing your mirror image is not easy. They are not running away from you; they are running from their own self. It is baffling for them that why there is so much attraction between you two. You may have achieved your spiritual maturity, that’s why you don’t want to leave, but they have a long way to go, and you need to understand that.

Time heals things and makes them look clearer. Same therapy you should use here; if they need time, you should happily give it to them without thinking that why my twin flame is ignoring me again and again.


They don’t want to start a relationship that is so intense and profound that it touches the soul. Your first encounter with them has moved their soul, and they know it well. However, they are not ready to take any relationship to that level where there is no turning back.

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The best thing you can do here is not to beg but stay silent. Don’t impose your presence on their soul. Give a shock to their soul once in a while. You should remain absent but in a way, that in your absence, they should not learn to live without you. Play with their mind with your on and off presence.


Your acceptance may make things worse if your twin flame is a runner. Attraction towards you is uncomfortable, and you are feeling the same attraction and accepting it to make them even more troubled.

If you chase them, they will run even faster because they are puzzled by your behaviour as well as their own feelings. You should stop the chase right away if that is happening. Because your chase will take you nowhere and your twin flame may leave you forever.


You want them, and that’s what they don’t like. It could be the time of developing your self-esteem. You should not beg for your love, no matter how much pain you feel in this process. You should not go to them and ask them to notice you.

You know that they can feel your presence, and you have to make that existence even stronger by developing the positive attitude. They are running away, let them run but continue improving yourself. Your energy will drag them back to you in no time.

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Nobody wants to be with the weaker person; you have to show your strength to them without expressing that you are doing it for them. First, clear your mind from the thought “my twin flame is ignoring me”. Be the person that your twin flame turns into your chaser by becoming mentally stable.