I am asked this question a lot, what happens when my twin flame is married? my simple philosophy to this question is that it does not change anything, I will clarify so it will reduce the burden. If your twin flame is saying they are not ready to be with you because they are married, then they are making excuses to postpone the inevitable. Its not a complicated matter at all, if they want to be with you, nothing will stop them. The most important part about this stage is that one should release judgment. You should release judgment towards yourself and their partner.

What you need to hear is that there was something wrong in the marriage before you even came along. Truth of the matter is that most 3d marriages are not very happy ones. People who stay in marriages are doing it for other reasons than love or happiness.

Twin flame situations are no different. I see twin flames who are in marriages who seem very comfortable and haven’t worked up the courage to leave yet, then all of a sudden they meet their twin flame and they are reminded that there is something missing in their marriage.

Often marriages have fallen apart emotionally long before the twin flame came into the picture. Just because they are not divorced does not make it any less real. Often these marriages are already done for, but we as humans have massive difficulty following through a decision, so the change never happens. The Universe send us situation and experiences to help catalyze the inevitable changes.

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My Twin Flame Is Married: It does not change anything

Since twin flames are different kind of relationship, they are here to increase the speed into transformative growth, so it makes perfect sense for them to propel each other when there is inaction within their lives. Being a twin flame you should never feel guilty or wrong about disrupting a marriage. Its hardly a disruption, when marriages are destined and happy they cannot be broken up.

Its completely ok to want more, you should be able to follow your joy not matter what people might think of it. There is also this situation of self love when you are facing this difficult marriage situation. The Universe is aligning your true desires, its really your choice to ignore or follow them.

Often people feel they are trapped in marriages, but that would be limited thinking. We have to acknowledge that we are a walking universe and you are the creator of your own reality. Many of us are doing great things yet we are not able to follow our happiness because societies makes things difficult.

As twin flames we are never meant to be stuck, we are required to blossom and grow, make that happen, forget what society thinks of it, forget your fears and your guilt.

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We need to allow ourselves and others equal love and have trust in the Universe. Those are the great qualities that twin flames have within. If you are in this predicament, then examine your motives, are you doing this coming from a place of love? then act on it. Your action should be I am doing this as the most loving and courageous action possible.

We all know that love is always the finest motivator. If this is not the cause for your inaction or action, then you may have to adjust your reasoning so you may follow your greatest meaningful path.