My Twin Flame Is Older Than Me

Twin flame relationships can be very, very difficult. They are intense, stressful and transformative relationships – at least in the beginning.

This is because the nature of the twin flame relationship is one of change, adaptation, attunement and ascension.


If these things were easy, the universe would be a lot younger.

But one extra stumbling block we can have in a twin flame relationship is age.

Many people find that there is a significant age gap between them and their twin flame, and they view this as an insurmountable obstacle to their being together.

But age gaps are common in twin flame relationships. According to most authoritative sources, the most common age gap between twin flames today is between twenty and forty years.

It is not uncommon to have an age gap even more substantial.


You might ask: “What should I do if my twin flame is older than me?”

Understand The Age Gap

The first step in almost any journey is understanding it.

There are a couple of excellent reasons why there might be a significant age gap in a twin flame relationship.

Firstly, the age gap is merely not that large if you consider the age of the soul. We may have split from our twin flame many millennia ago, making our souls approx a thousand years old.

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What’s thirty years in thirty thousand?

Secondly, the age gap is intentional. Our twin flame was put on this planet at the right time for us, and us for them.

The age gap is a part of the lesson plan in our twin flame relationship – it will teach us something we need to learn.


What is most interesting is the similarity of reports from people in these twin flame relationships with a large age gap.

Almost all reports state that, even though there is a substantial difference in the age of the body, the maturity of the two minds are identical.

This is, again, intentional. And it explains the age gap.

If we were both the same age, we would not match in maturity – and that is the true measure of age in social animals like us.

It is the mind that matters, not the body that houses it.

Platonic Twin Flames

But, sometimes, the age gap is just too large for the twin flame relationship to be of a marital or sexual nature.


This might be an issue of social norms, cultural insistence or even physiological concerns.

Sometimes our twin flame is too old for us to be in the kind of relationship we want with them.

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But, again, that is intentional.

Not all twin flame relationships have any sexual or marital component. The twin flame relationship is far more significant than both, in any case.

It might be that our twin flame is supposed to be a close friend, or a teacher, or a guru or mentor.

How the twin flame relationship decides to express itself in this life is entirely dependent on the needs of our spiritual journey.

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