We get a lot of questions about the twin flame relationship here at Spiritual Unite. All sorts of questions too – how to meet them, how to recognise them, what to expect from the relationship.

People place so much importance on the twin flame relationship.

And for a good reason. The twin flame relationship is the most spiritually significant relationship we will have, in this life and others.

It is vital that we know what to expect from our twin flame relationship so that we can grasp the purpose of it and get the most out of the karmic lessons it can offer.

A lot of confusion about the twin flame relationship stems from a core misunderstanding of the purpose of the relationship and the many forms it can take.

A Twin With A Thousand Faces

The twin flame relationship is commonly seen as a romantic, sexual and lifelong relationship.

In other words, those with only a passing familiarity with the twin flame relationship assume that we are meant to marry our twin flame, or at least be in a similar relationship with them.

This simply is not true.

While most twin flames do end up in this kind of relationship, it is not even nearly all of them. A considerable number of twin flame relationships take a different form.

Here are some of the forms a twin flame relationship can take:

  • Traditional romantic.
  • Platonic friendship.
  • Teacher-student.
  • Long distance relationship.

That is not an exhaustive list. And it should be pointed out that no form of the twin flame relationship is superior to another.

The twin flame relationship will take whatever form it needs to take in order to fulfil its purpose.

“Just” Friends

So if our twin flame expresses that they only want to be friends, we should first accept their decision. Above all else, we must respect the choices of others.

After all, they are on their own spiritual journey too. They need to look after their energies and their own progress.

And this might be frustrating. We might genuinely believe that this twin flame relationship is destined to be more than “just friends”.

We might think that we are intended to be with our twin flame in a romantic way.

But the problem with thinking like this is that we are not “just friends”, no matter the relationship we strike up with our twin flame.

Friendship is just as powerful a relationship as romance or marriage or any of those other things.

The fact is, we do not need that kind of commitment from our twin flame. We are already one in the vastness of consciousness. They do not owe you a romantic relationship.