My Twin Flame: 4 Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

My Twin Flame: Meeting one’s twin flame is something that’s quite common in the minds of spiritually conscious people. There would be a point in your life when you meet someone and you think that you may have found “the one”. However, things would just break off almost immediately after they start and you are left in the corner asking yourself, what just happened?’

There are a number of strong signs that would tell you that you have found your twin flame based on how the two of you connect with each other.[wp_ad_camp_4] In case you need help in knowing if you’ve already crossed paths with your twin flame, listed below are 4 strong signs that you may have met them, you could be well on your way to that unbreakable twin flame connection.


1. Time disappears and it’s as if it’s just the two of you in the world.

When you meet your twin flame for the first time, you wouldn’t feel attraction but comfort. It would seem like you’ve known each other for years just by first glance with the whole world totally silent and the two of you are just starting at each other. It may feel like eternity to you but this connection actually only happens for a split second in twin flame 1

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2. You’ll have clear dreams of the other person even before meeting him/her.

You may not meet your twin flame in real life yet, but you would already have constant dreams of the other person. These are the kinds of dreams that you would not be able to get off your mind because of the intensity of them that everything seems so real, the touch, look, kiss, all of these would seem real even after you’ve woken up from that dream. This feeling is so unique that only a few people are fortunate enough to experience it.

3. The other person will become a reflection of yourself.

You know that you have met your twin flame if you feel oneness with each other. What this means is that the two of you can communicate without talking since you’re in tune in each other mentally and emotionally. It’s as if you would know what your partner is thinking, you would feel each other’s pain, and at times, you would even share each other’s dreams. Once together, both of you would feel empty and lonely even if you are only separated for a short span of twin flame 2

4. Meeting My twin flame I felt complete sense of wholeness.

Once you’ve found your twin flame, you will find peace and comfort in knowing that you’re finally together with the other half of your soul. What’s great about this connection is that you grow closer and you complete each other without becoming more like a clone as you still get to keep your own separate identities.

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I have met my twin flame years ago, the connection is deep and very spiritual and I was able to relate to these signs. So were you able to relate to any of the 4 signs that you’ve already met your twin flame? If you’re lucky enough to have found them, treasure it and know that it’s here to bring you utmost personal growth. In case you haven’t met them yet, it may be best to stop looking outward for it and go inward by focusing on your personal growth first because you won’t find it by searching, you’ll find your twin flame through love.




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