Nobody Can Make You Believe In Yourself But You

Guest Post | By Chris ClaxtonYou came into this world with nothing, and you will leave with nothing. But,there is this time journey between the start of your life and the end of your life that has to be filled with something, so why not fill it with the best you can do.

The question has to be asked as to why do we fill and be attached to so much stuff during this journey? The truth is, our Ego demands that we are better or above , or at least equal to those around us, because Ego is the master of MORE.


Tao Te Ching said “Sages do not accumulate anything, but give everything to others. Having more, the more they give away.”

The real compass of your life should be your soul that only looks for peace in everything, and not your Ego that is always demanding more.

In fact, there exists something called the 80/20 rule which states that 80% of what you own, you never use. Which proves the point that Ego generally sits in the driving seat of your life, gathering and accumulating all the time, when in fact you could give away 80% of what you own and still be able to live life in exactly the same manner.

The entire Universe works on one simple sentence, “As you think, so shall you be.”

So if you want to change your life it seems very logical to change your thought process, and if you willingly suspend your disbelief in things you can start a new thought process that can bring you new possibilities and new opportunities to your life.


It is also your Ego that puts the block on you discovering all these possible new things, because it makes you fear what people around you might say about your new behaviour or practices, your new beliefs and looking at things that might differ from theirs, or mock at us, or put us down. Your Ego will find many ways to stop you discovering yourself because it will make it redundant.

Not until you conquer your Ego and put it behind you and start living for who you were put here to be will you discover your true self and find the peace your soul requires to expand.

We continually look for blame for the way we are, who we are, or the mess we might be in or have become. We use all this blame as excuses for not being who we want to be, or who our soul repeatedly tells us we can be.

Usually until your life reaches some kind of a crisis point, do you tend to examine yourself more deeply, and come to a realisation that you have arrived at this situation because you have let your Ego get out of control and rule.

At this point of realisation it is then normal to start examining yourself, searching for all the reasons that caused us to arrive at this crisis point. Only at this point do we start looking within to look for how we contributed to it and how we got here

Usually out of crisis we can discover many things about ourselves, because we start to challenge our past behaviour, our past belief systems, and how things could have been different had we chosen a different path. At this point we can wallow in our distress or we can start to believe that from every ending, every crisis, can come new beginnings, new beliefs.

One thing is for sure, Nobody can make you believe in anything – BUT YOU!! And the greatest thing you can ever believe in IS YOU!!.

Humans tend to believe in the opinions of others as to “Who they can be” ” What they should feel” “What they can achieve” “Who they should love” and the list goes on.
So the best thing you can do if you want the best things for yourself and your life, is to start ignoring the external view of others and start thinking for yourself, start feeling for yourself, and start believing in yourself and that all things are possible if you believe they are. It’s called the law of attraction, where if you believe strongly enough and align yourself with that thought process, then all things are possible. You will start to discover that you have a vast resource of potential that is bursting to come out, but before you can discover the new you, you have to shed the old you.

This process involves several things, starting with forgiveness. Forgiving all those who played their part in you arriving at this moment of awakening, and more importantly forgiving yourself for any and all the ways you might have played in arriving at this point.

Next you have to break down the doors to the prison that has held you back and this can be external pressures, emotional confines, old belief systems, your resistance to change, your guilt and your fears. Face these head on and send them to the garbage bin because they all serve no purpose in this new you.

Thirdly, as in Tarot reading you must acknowledge that every new Journey starts with a leap of faith as shown by the fool, a jump into the unknown, the new, not knowing where he will land, but is driven by his instincts to find a new path and new way to live.

Only when you put your ‘past’ behind you and start to feel good about yourself can you start to explore all the new possibilities that lie in front of you, free from any shackles that have held you back. But never forget without your past you would not be the person you are today, for it has helped shape the person you are today from all the lessons you have learnt on the way.


Only when your past is behind you and you can be at peace with yourself can you start to look within yourself and discover all these wonderful things waiting for you are hidden in your higher self.

Your higher self doesn’t care about labels, how much you own, how much more attractive you might be to others, what you possess etc. It only cares about finding peace in everything you do.

Nobody can help you find this inner truth or understanding- BUT YOU!
Nobody can help you find this inner peace- BUT YOU!
Nobody can make you believe in yourself- BUT YOU

It’s waiting there to be discovered, to be released, and there is no better time to start looking for it BUT NOW!!.

Guest Post By: Chris Claxton

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