Number 4 Numerology – Meaning of The Number 4

The number 4 numerology means that you seek security and your home is your sanctuary.

You are usually very intellectual, you need to find ways to express your wisdom and knowledge.


You are a person who likes to put ideas into shape, you are every much about work and productivity.

The number 4 energy is beneficial, practical and cautious. 4’s are about order and management.

People with number 4 symbolism are very neutral and extrovert. 4’s are connected to the planet Uranus and the star sign Taurus. In tarot you are the emperor.

The number 4 is the symbolism for fate, so you have to realize that many things will happen which you will have no control over.

Having the number 4 as your numerology number means you have to plan and work steadily towards your goal you have set.


You achieve this by being patient, perseverance and being direct. Being a 4 you will build a steady foundation for your self and others so they are protected.

Having the influence and vibration of 4 means that you are loyal, hardworking and have priority on security with high morals and value.

The Meaning of The Number 4 – Number 4 Numerology

However the number 4 vibration needs to be disciplined, reliability and to be responsible in their loves. The number 4 is about maintaining order, system and routine to make their dreams a reality.

The vibration relates to energy, balance and co-operation and its the door to illumination.

With the vibration of number 4 you may gain powers to create and achieve but only when used in a positive way.

Whenever the shapes of 4 are aligned on the material plane, they always manifest as creative abilities.

When you focus on the spiritual plane, you may have the ability to open new paths for research into the psychic and spiritual areas.

4 in Numerology

However the number 4 in numerology does not like change, because of this you may miss out on opportunities.

The energy of the 4 is mostly work focused, they are organized for everything they may want to do.

4’s have high standards so discipline is required to keep this going. They are mostly dependable and serious minded people and they are very practical about everything they do.


Anyone who has the influence and vibration of the number 4 in numerology is a steady and industrious individual, who has to keep busy applying their qualities in this world.

Also the 4 energy works quite well on their own, at the same time works well in groups as well. Success can be easy for the 4’s as they have a strong body and mind.

Numerology 4 Life Path Number

The numerology life path for 4 is they like to keep things organized, or put things back in its place, thats one of 4’s strong points, and they are people who can tackle challenges well if they have a plan.

They are always set on their ways and lead a orderly life.

They love their home and its their haven, if their home is not doing well like being sloppy and un kept, that is a sign a 4 is not doing well.

The main symbolism of 4 is about putting things in places back together, its the builder number. You are someone who is grounded, hardworking, serious, practical, analytical and disciplined.

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