The number 60, meaning derives from its numerological essence and other factors to do with its numerology analysis.

This powerful number relates primarily to nurturing instincts, especially around the family.

Number 60 also extending to friends and your community, as well as the wider community of humanity.

It also relates to domesticity, harmony, cooperation, compromise, responsibility, idealism, and the balance of responsibilities at home.

There is also an additional meaning related to the passing of time, which stretches back to Babylonian civilization and their influential base-60 number system which inspired how we tell time today.giant illuminated number sign 60 e1562219232722

60 Meaning: Nurturing Instincts Are Rising Within You

When this number appears to you, it is signaling the rise of a powerful nurturing instinct within you.

Typically, this relates to the family.

If you have children, they are about to face some of the biggest challenges they have faced so far, and it is your responsibility to help them through it.

You are feeling strong urges to protect them from the world, but they must face these challenges to progress in their personal development.

Harness your nurturing urges to guide them through this period of their development.

If you don’t have children, then you are readying yourself to nurture someone else.

It could be your spouse, but it is more likely to be a younger member of your extended family.

It also extends to the children of friends, or your younger friends who have less experience or knowledge than you do.

Follow your intuition and find the person that needs your help the most.

Exercising your instincts during this period will fill you with a sense of fulfillment and will help nourish your soul and raise your vibrations.

We can also include charity work in this.

While giving money to charity is good, and you should do it if you can, spending your time is far more useful and can have many side benefits for your spiritual development and wellbeing.

60 Meaning: The Ticking Of Time

Alternatively, 60 can also relate to the passage of time. It is related to the nurturing instincts mentioned above, especially – though not exclusively – for women.

As we move through life, we become more and more aware that our time here is limited.

There is only a small amount of it for us to live a whole life in, and grappling with that realization can be a tumultuous period in your life.

If you are in a position to, now would be a great moment to start planning on starting a family.

If you aren’t, then you are being pushed to follow your ambitions and goals more directly.

Time stops for nobody, and the sooner you get started, the more of it you will have left when you have achieved what you want.

Spiritual living is all about existing with intention and spreading love and light into the world.

Life should not be wasted standing still but spent on moving forward towards enlightenment.

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