The meaning of number 7 numerology is the seeker, you are the thinker and you search for the truth. Normally number 7’s never likes to take anything at face value, they are people who are always trying to find the truth.

The 7’s know that nothing is ever what they seem and the real reality is often hidden behind the illusion.

If you are a person with the chart dominated by 7’s, you can be easily picked out from the group.

You tend to be somewhat introverted or even shy, never comfortable in social situations. The number 7 numerology number is very intellectual but maybe not obvious to see from an early age.

If we take Einstein as an example, he was dyslexic and not a bright student.number 7 numerology-1 His intelligent is of a dreamer or explorer.

Many people are interested in metaphysical, which is not because they are believers but it allows access to ambiguous and the abstract world of questions.

Number 7’s are very spiritual but are not religious. For 7’s there tends to be the old questions like, what is life about, why am I here, who are we, and so on, these are essential to number 7’s life experiences unless they find the answer, they tend to not stop looking till death.

The Number 7 Numerology Meaning

The energy of number 7 numerology has a very strong psychic behaviors and they are natural healers as well with great inner strength.

The number is a symbolism for the sacred spiritual number, the energy of the mystics, they are very quick witted with a dry sense of humor.

The number 7 has a masculine energy and they tend to be introverts. Their related planet is mercury and is related to the star sign Libra.

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The number 7 vibration signifies a unique function of human life and means the amount of learning one must do in terms of personal experiences.

The number 7 signifies a deeper inner need to find depth, which is of course a spiritual connection.

So when the needs of having food, self expression, material and domestic success is met, the 7 energy goes a deeper levels of life, to find purpose, to learn and educate ourselves.

The 7’s need to continue their quest of finding out why they are here. 7’s tends to ask the bigger questions.

What Does the Number 7 Mean in Numerology

If your birth was on the 7, 16 or 25 of a month then you are governed by numerology number 7.

You can also be governed by the number 7 if your life number is 7, which makes you a introvert, philosopher or a spiritual person.

You may also be governed by number 7 if your name number is 7 or if you marry on a day with 7.number 7 numerology-2

As for luck, a person governed by the number 7 is never lucky. They are not to be lucky even with their mental caliber.

Even if success comes to them, it only happens with a lot of hard work, struggle and possible disappointments. The 7 in numerology signifies that success eludes you in all your efforts.

Many 7’s fail and end up doing unimportant jobs and many live with frustrated desires and dreams. However 7 is also gifted with wonderful will power.

They tend to speak very little because of high mental acumen. They are good leaders but make poor followers, they have hard time seeing eyes to eye with others.

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Number 7 Symbolism can make you temperamental even with your close friends. You are often short tempered. Thats probably why you have few friends.

You don’t like marital life. You prefer to live separately or seek divorce. If you are woman with the number 7 you are then graced by beauty.

Although the feminine charms can be missing. Women who are 7’s also find marriage a test and often unhappy in married life. Check this article for the number 7777 meaning.

Numerology 7 Life Path

number 7 numerology-3The people with numerology 7 life path tend to be loners.

They need to learn to have faith. When they don’t have faith they tend to get very negative and try to escape by using alcohol, drugs, work and geography. They have a love of nature, flowers, plants, green grass, ocean..etc.

7’s tend to be mysterious and most often they don’t want you to know who they are.

Insecure, secretive, pessimistic, loner, aloof, lean towards spiritual subjects, reserved, intuitive, analytical and intellectual are qualities of those born into the number 7 life path.

People who are in the numerology 7 life path tend to be thinkers. So if your life path is 7, you are wise and careful.

You are someone who seeks truth in all the things you do, you always search for the answers in everything.

You seemed to be a perfectionist and you expect the same from people you become friends with.