Number and Synchronicity: What Do They Mean?

Number and Synchronicity: COINCIDENCE??? How many of us believe in coincidence? How many believe in luck?

Well, ever had some unusual occurrences that obviously seemed out of the normal. Now that is synchronicity.


Synchronicity is the unlikely coincidences that happen in our lives. It is the occurrence of things beyond our control and without cause.It can be termed as luck as it leads to occurrences without our personal actions. Not everything that happens to us is the results of our actions. Believe it or not, there is a greater power than us that organizes the world and brings about both good results and in some occasions bad ones too.

That new friend you got, that new opportunity you got, the new relationship you are in; they may be just luck on your side.


Nature is not just science being taught to us. It is not just plants and animals. Nature is a force of the universe that aligns everything to place in the world. Nature is the connection between us and the universe.

Ever thought how the world survives? How plants grow? How everything in the world falls to place? That is nature taking effect. And coincidentally, nature aligns with our thoughts. To the human it is like the genie and it always says ‘Your wish is my command’

“Whatever we can believe,we can achieve.”


We hear this day in day out but never really get its meaning. Well it means our thoughts create our worlds, we become what we think. The future is in our hands or lets say our minds.Whatever happens to us may be the universe aligning to our thoughts and the laws of number and synchronicity.


“You become what you think.”

As said earlier, the universe corresponds with our thoughts. Whatever we give to the world so do we receive just as the computer language GIGO i.e garbage in garbage out.

Everything that happens to us is our creating. Nature just delivers our thoughts in physical forms. If you can hold it up there then trust the process, you can hold it in your hands.

Positive thoughts are vibes to the universe. It attracts positive results to our worlds. Happiness, joy,appreciation; all these attract positive things to your world and all that is required is belief. The first step is believing it and letting the process do its best and trust me you will be a master of number and synchronicity.number and synchronicity 1



Ever experienced some unusual repetitive occurrence of a particular number. It may appear as you are reading something,it may just be in you thoughts or even on your clock.

Well this is nature communicating to you. Numbers are often perceived to have messages to the human brain and are perceived to be some type of codes. They might awaken some feeling in us, they might bring about ideas to us,name it.

Why are numbers so useful?? The human DNA is composed of numbers and it is believed certain numbers on being seen brings about some effects in us. Take an example of the widely talked about number 11:11. Its believed to bring about luck,creation of genius ideas,intuition,fame and so much more.However it may also have some negative vibes such as betrayal.

Believe in spirit guides? Trust me they exist, but how do they communicate to us? We really cant expect to hear them or even see them but indeed they still communicate to us.Those small repetitions in your life,the word you seem to hear all the time and for our case that number that pops out everywhere. For example 111 is believed to be opportunities coming to us, 555 is associated with changes in life and 666 shows some thoughts are out of place and some even think of it as evil.

Generally, this shows not everything that happens in our lives are results of our actions and gladly we can create the future with our thoughts and believe it not there is a force greater than us that aligns our daily lives. Luck and coincidences are a part of our daily lives. Now you realize number and synchronicity are much more than coincidences.


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