Numerology 12 – Meaning of Number 12 in Numerology  

Numerology 12 symbolizes the cycle of reincarnation, when an individual reincarnates as the number 12 it means they have completed and experienced the possibility towards higher consciousness. 12’s are well developed souls who have gained valuable experience through many lifetimes. However they are still hindered by old habits which they need to change.



Numerology Number 12

As a sign number 12 warns you to be alert to every situation, and to be careful of those who offer higher position, and you need to be aware of false flattery and those use it to gain their own needs.

The number 12 symbolizes the learning process on all levels, the determination and the sacrifice needed to achieve wisdom on both intellectual and spiritual levels. When thoughts are sacrificed for your feelings, your mind will be illuminated with the answers you seek. You need to pay attention to education which end the suffering and bring you success.numerology 12

Number 12 in Numerology

People with number 12 life path tend to be very versatile, professional and energetic in their work and have great skills with dealing other people. 12’s are very much family conscious people, they are very open and friendly in their relationships. Although they can be shy.

People with number 12 love the companionship of others.., they prefer a partner who is free from hang ups, they need honesty in their communications.

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Those who have the number 12 are attracted to people with bright personality. Laughter is very important part of their life, as they have a keen sense of humor. They enjoy collecting data on compelling subjects, they enjoy the mental stimulation and people of kinds intrigue them. They like to collect all kinds of knowledge about the world and its people.

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