Numerology 15 – What You Should Know About (NUMBER 15)

Numerology 15 – In numerology it is number 1 and number 5 related. Number one is the ambitious self confident leader, they are wise and full of energy. The number 5 in numerology connects with Mercury, the planet of finance and business. Adding the numbers up equals to number 6. The number 6 is a romantic number connecting with the planet Venus, which impacts love and relationship with the opposite sex. The number 6 has a very magnetic personality which attracts the opposite sex like a flame.numerology 15

The numerology 15 number is the leader, mercenary, business individuals and romantics. I find the connection very interesting. The numerology 15 is a very tenacious number when it comes to making decisions whether it is good or bad. This is reflected in work, they always see it through what ever the decision was made.



Numerology 15 Emotional Characteristics

As we already know number 6 about romanticism. It also has connection to materialism in a diluted way. This person is searching for a romantic partner. If the partner has money then its better however its not important. These people tend to be easily excitable but at the same they subside quickly as well. These individuals may not be suitable for people who are not romantic and spiritual. Number 15 in numerology are very romantic. They are also keen on money, however if they don’t have it, its not a problem either.

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numerology 15

15 Numerology – Relationships

Number 15 people get on well with everyone, especially people who are upwardly mobile. Marriage is a happy place if the spouse has romanticism, because they could be someone with the key. If the spouse is able to live the romantic world then everything will be good.

15 in Numerology – Disadvantages

People who are number 15 allow themselves to influence others, and if the influence is negative, victim of unfair people or come into bad companionship. Money and greed often can lead them to gambling and possibly illegal activities. Number 15’s are also short tempered and excitable.



The number 15 numerology – Is a tranquil number. These people have always provided materials. If you are going to start something you should think twice about it because it can deflect to one side. You should learn to consider your decisions. You will need to be patient and perhaps not get too passionate. However you will succeed in life.

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