What Does The Number 8 Mean in Numerology?

The significance behind number 8 is someone who is considered an extrovert, number 8 is the highest feminine number. 8’s attribute to giving and receiving and it relates to the number of karma. The Planet related to number 8 is Saturn and the star sign Scorpio. The related tarot card is the Strength Card.

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The number 8 is the process of domination, achievement and control, basically you are the decision maker. 8’s are very formal and very hard headed people. Number 8 is the natural leader who knows how to accomplish any task. You are someone who is very comfortable in the material world, however number 8 person can be very exceptional if they develop their spiritual connection and their intuition. Their life lesson is to learn to be more compassionate.

People with number 8 in numerology are single minded, have great judgment and executive knowledge, they are able to achieve material success and power. Number 8 also symbolizes balance and justice.

Numerology 8 Meaning


Because number 8 is an karmic number, you might endure many hardship more so than any other number. You might face abuse, neglect, rejection, discrimination, bullying, family break down and other dis-stabilizing life encounters in your younger years and sometimes into teenage years.

The lessons for you and your path will be varied, but you will have to learn more about being compassionate for others, having faced many horrendous situations. Even though these lessons were terrible, they do serve to teach anyone with number 8 to find their inner strengths. You want to be a survivor rather than be a victim. This is a harsh lesson of right and wrong.numerology 8 meaning 2

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Numerology Number 8 Life Path

Most often anyone with the number 8 can’t quite feel safe unless they have found financial security.

It is very difficult for 8’s to take advice. So if they make a choice they need to feel its entirely theirs and not someone elses influence. So most often 8’s have to learn the hard way. Number 8’s are very honest and blunt that end up hurting peoples feelings. They can sometimes appear insensitive, however whats going within them is the exact opposite. They tend to feel deeply about their life. If you are an 8 then you have natural leadership qualities.

The life path of number 8 is very ambitious and goal oriented. You are someone who has organization skills and great vision which makes you very successful. The number 8 represents authority, ambition, wealth, material and caution. If you are with the number 8 in your chart, you are someone that works hard to achieve your goals. Your role would be a manager or a leader.

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