Numerology is a powerful tool that we can all use to help us navigate our life path.

When we look at numbers, we can see they stitched and woven like threads of silk into the fabric of the universe.

Particular numbers show up to each person.

If you notice and show the Universe that you saw the numbers, you agree, and you follow the path the numbers show you, you can literally open any door and materialise your wildest dreams.

One way that we can use numerology is in judging compatibility between prospective partners.

One way we can do this is by using what is known as the life path number.

By comparing our life path number with our prospective partner’s, we can get a good idea of how compatible we are going to be.

Finding Your Life Path Number

Your life path number is like your astrological sign. It is derived from your birth date and can help to guide you through your life journey.

And it’s straightforward to calculate!

To calculate your life path number, follow these steps:

Write out your date of birth in number format. As an example, we’ll use 26th April 1989, which you write as 29/04/1989 (or 04/29/1989, depending on where you are).

Take the day and “reduce” it to a single digit. We do this by adding the digits together.

For example, 26 becomes 2 + 6 = 8.

Next, do the same with the month. 04 reduces to 0 + 4 = 4.

And then the year – 1989 becomes 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27, but we need to reduce to one digit, so we do the same again, with 27 becoming 2 + 7 = 9.

Finally, add the reduced numbers for the day, month and year of your birth together.

In our example, this is 8 + 4 + 9 = 21 which reduces to 2 + 1 = 3.

The remaining number is your life path number. The life path number of someone born on 26th April 1989 is 3.

Compatibility: Best Matches According To Life Path Number

Knowing your life path number allows you to see whether you are compatible with a prospective partner, but it can also help you to know what other life path numbers are going to be best for you.

Life Path 1 Matches 3s & 5s

Those with life path 1 are most compatible with 3s and 5s.

They match with 3s so well because the 1 provides the leadership, drive and ambition, which is complemented by the creativity and innovation of the 3.

Another good match for life path 1 is a 5, as both hold freedom and independence to be of great importance.

Life path 5 also values adventure, which meshes well with the 1s ambition and drive.

Life Path 2 Matches 2s, 4s & 8s

Life path 2 is most compatible with 4s and 8s, as well as other 2s.

2s are compatible with each other because their diplomatic, peaceful and emotional nature complement each other rather than clash.

There is compatibility between 2s and 4s because of the practical provider tendencies of 4s work perfectly alongside the more sensitive and emotional 2s.

8s are also compatible for the same reasons, with more of a focus on money and achievements.

While the 2 provides emotional support, the 8 contains the financial element.

Life Path 3 Matches 1s & 5s

We already know that 3s and 1s match well, but 3s also match very well with 5s.

This is because both prefer to live on the edge, meaning that these relationships can be particularly exciting.

Life Path 4 Matches 2s & 8s

Those with life path 4 match well with both 2s and 8s.

4s are naturally analytical and hard-working, which works well with the 8s gearing towards achievements and success.

These pairings are known to many as “power couples”.

Life Path 5 Matches 1s, 3s & 7s

Having a life path 5 means you will be most compatible with 1s, 3s and 7s.

Compatibility between 5s and 7s is particularly strong as their needs often align very well.

This is because 7s prefer being alone a lot of the time, which lets the 5 energy concentrate on their life without having to worry about the neediness of their partner.

Life Path 6 Matches 6s & 9s

If you have a life path of 6, you are most compatible with other 6s and with 9s.

6s work well with each other because they share nurturing qualities that allow for mutual growth and trust.

These relationships are known for their longevity, though sometimes they can get a bit too comfortable staying in one place.

They also work well with 9s, who possess the same nurturing qualities but need the 6s awareness to overcome their reluctance to ask for help.

Though there can be obstacles between 6s and 9s, their willingness to make sacrifices for each other makes them compatible.

Life Path 7 Matches 5s & 7s

We’ve already mentioned 5s and 7s as compatible, but 7s are also very compatible with each other.

7s are quintessential soulmates who understand each other fully.

This is particularly important because 7s often feel isolated in their experience. While they like to be alone, 7s often find that being alone together is even better.

Life Path 8 Matches 2s, 4s & 8s

8s are compatible with 2s and 4s, but they are also compatible with each other.

This one is a bit controversial, as many believe that 8s necessarily begin to compete with each other.

However, if they can join forces and direct their competitive nature into a shared pursuit, they can rise to the top together.

Life Path 9 Matches 6s & 9s

Finally, while 9s are compatible with 6s (as mentioned), 9s are also compatible with each other.

They are so compatible with each other that the strongest relationships between equals are often life path 9 relationships.

Their selfless nature coupled with intense loyalty and commitment means that these relationships usually last a long time.

This relationship isn’t without its pitfalls, but 9s form such a strong bond that each obstacle is tackled as a team rather than as two individuals.

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