Numerology Number 2 Meaning (NUMBER 2 LIFE PATH)

Numerology Number 2: Those who have numerology number 2, like to seek peace and harmony and are symbolized by co-operation, relationship and being thoughtful and considerate of others. If you have life path number 2, then you are someone who is a peacemaker and you like to see all viewpoints in a situation, you handle difficult situation with grace and you tend to be persuasive rather than be forceful when you trying to get your viewpoints across, people tend to look to you to be the mediator in an argument.



Number 2 Numerology Meaning

People with life path number 2 tend to be very loyal, so when they love you count on it, they truly welcome companionship and like to share their life with someone special. They are also very sensitive to others and listen well. People with number 2 in numerology are honest, sincere and are very open and always see the best in people. Because they are sensitive, gentle and have a loving spirit, they make an excellent lover or friend.

However there are some downfalls, so if your life path number is 2. You tend to be over sensitive, shy and afraid to speak your mind. You are most likely afraid of being hurt and like to avoid confrontation and so you hold back your opinions.numerology number 2

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Number 2 in Numerology – Working in groups

This may cause you to have trouble giving to a group, and feel resentful because you feel you are withholding your ideas and contributions. Your compassionate nature and caring for others may cause you to deny your own needs, which may lead to feelings of resentment and anger, if you do feel threatened or pushed too hard you can become the terrible 2, but your aim is to not want conflict.

Your life path number 2 is connected to the vibration of duality, the number for truth and understanding.

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