Numerology Number 6 Meaning (NUMBER 6 LIFE PATH)

If you are born with the numerology number 6 and life path number then you are an amazing nurturer. If you are a man then you like to rescue the damsel in distress, if you are a woman, then you mother the little boy in your men.


If you are a number 6 then you tend to be family orientated, you are warm, loving, understanding, compassionate, responsible, reliable and you always do your best for others. You are definitely an exceptional care taker and provider, you enjoy serving others, especially for your family and friends. Your life mostly goes around your family and home, you are one who has strong parenting skills. The word that describes you is domestic, you love being a stay at home parent.

Number 6 in Numerology

Being a 6,.. there are few things you need to keep an eye on, you can become self righteous and sometimes too critical of others. Because you are so giving to others, so you a have tendency to be a slave to others as well, you neglect your own needs. You are someone who thrives on supporting others, so its difficult for you to find harmony between helping and interfering. You also become a support for someone who needs taking care of in a relationship, or a child, so you don’t allow them to experience life or the lessons. Someone who has the number 6 in numerology tends to be magnetic, so people are often drawn to them.numerology number 6

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Numerology Number 6

You are some one who tends to be in life a humanitarian and you are always dedicated to your fellow human beings, but there needs to be a balance of not putting people on a pedestal, because sometimes they have a habit of toppling over.

So to conclude the life path number 6 is about responsibility and awareness. When friends are in need of help or in distress, you are the one who takes charge.

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