Have you ever met someone irrespective of their young age and they seem to be wise?

Maybe you are an adult and never seem to fit into society?

Knowing the two above facts might be the clue to understanding if you or someone you know are an old soul.

Does The Soul Have An Age?

We are spiritual beings going through human experience, and physical life is temporary.

However, through reincarnations from many lifetimes, gathering experiences and learning lessons through contracts our souls does evolve.


When our physical life ends we can’t take our possessions, people or any materialistic things with us, what we do take is our soul experience.

Souls journey through many lifetimes, but this does not give an accurate reading of the soul’s age.

It is not about how many lives you have lived, but instead how you have grown and evolved as a soul.

Old Soul Meaning

Old souls are people who have accumulated numerous experience and maturity from their soul journey.

They have progressed systematically advancing through their soul journey, learning many lessons and fulfilling soul contracts.

Old souls have an understanding of the physical and spiritual world because they see the bigger picture.

They carry with them profound wisdom and are deeply spiritual. Old souls tend to be authoritative teachers because of the experience they have gained.

They are also great leaders; they are the ones guiding the younger souls back into alignment with Source.

Old Soul Characteristics You Can Connect With

Old souls have the following characteristics;


Old souls are often loners, not all though. Some are very social; it gives them more opportunities to pass on their knowledge and enjoy the high energy vibrations this brings.

They value their time because they understand what time actually is and its true value. They have few friends, but the ones they do have are loyal, trustworthy ones.

They don’t waste their time with people who purposefully through their own ignorance misunderstand them or are untruthful.

Old souls know letting go is the best solution to a happier soul journey.


Old souls feel misunderstood because when it comes to conversation and interaction, people don’t get where they are coming from.

Younger souls want to go through many experiences and are keen, while old souls are content, they have done it before, so they watch from the sidelines.

Know the world better

They know the world better and have a better perspective than most. They have a grasp of how the world works and stand on the sidelines to counsel them when needed.

They know that most events around the globe are faked, and real events never make the news.

We have not heard much about how Fukushima has destroyed ocean life, have we? They say they are rebuilding and all is going to be alright. However, the Pacific Ocean is contaminated beyond repair.

Quietly spoken

They are generally quietly spoken, and they don’t need to be loud and opinionative.

They do have a strong opinion about life; they choose not to share it, they open up with people they can trust or have a genuine interest in what they have to say.


Old souls are very wise, if they are young they usually don’t get along with other kids. They tend to make friends with older people.


All old souls are sensitive or empathic, they are good at sensing energy, and are aware of what others are thinking. Some old souls find this as a burden until they know how to block it.

Think it over

Old souls think it over before they commit to something. Old souls are very sensible, they know what’s going to happen and the consequences before they engage.


Old souls learn from others just like them, sharing ideas and world topics.

Helping others

Many like to help others, and some will try to help the planet by teaching others their wisdom. Old souls can be quite selective, and only help when someone needs it or asks for help.

There you have it, do you feel like an old soul or know someone who is one? Why not share this article with your friends and family and see if they resonate with the old soul characteristics.

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