One of Earth’s GREATEST Heroes Died and No One Seems to Care

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in India before partition and migrated to Pakistan.

He used to work as a cloth sell on commission and beg so he could feed the poor.

He started his welfare trust with just 50$ and now this trust is the largest welfare trust in Pakistan.

  • He rescued more than 20,000 abandoned infants;
  • gave daily shelter, feed and educate more than 50,000 orphans;
  • trained over 40,000 nurses for free of cost;
  • had 330 welfare trusts in Pakistan;
  • ran the world largest ambulance service with over 1,500 vehicles 24/7.
  • ran countless food kitchens, rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women, children and handicapped people.
  • went on countless relief missions in Africa, Asia, Europe and America such as aid for victims of hurricane Katrina.

He never won a noble peace price or asked for one.


At the time of death, he donates all his organs to people in need.

His last words were: “Take care of the poor people from my country.”

But the most amazing fact is that he never owned a car or a house.

The only things that Abdul owned before his death were a chair, a charpie and a desk that his friend gifted him a long time ago. His net worth before his death was 0$.


Some of his best quotes:

Please, show this man some respect if you want to live in a world with more people like him. Abdul, if anything, is worth mentioning so the world can know what he did, and that there are good people out there.

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P.S. This is a charpie if you are wondering:


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