Almost every animal has some symbolic meaning, but cats hold within them the most potent spiritual symbolism of any animal that we encounter.

Moreover, the colour of a cat’s fur has a dramatic effect on the spiritual symbolism that it represents – which is unlike any other animal.

Today we are going to talk about orange furred (or ginger) cats.

So whether you are searching for spiritual, artistic or emotional symbolism related to an orange cat, these are the meanings you might find:


The orange cat symbolises leadership and the nature of born leaders.

With fierce independence and natural charisma, these cats symbolise the virtues of good leadership – as well as the flaws of a weak follower.

We can learn the traits of strong leaders by emulating the animal, practising independent thought and strong will in the face of adversity.

Bold, Brash, Adventurous

The orange cat is a symbol of adventure in the traditional sense:

Striding headfirst into danger and peril for the promise of great riches and glory.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

We can learn self-confidence from the orange tabby, boldly going where we did not have the self-belief to go before.

It encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and do something we can have some pride in.

Sweeping Change

The essence of the orange cat on a vibrational level is one of change, upheaval and new beginnings.

Without the drive to change things, nothing ever improves.

Identifying with the orange cat means understanding and maintaining the status quo is easy, but upsetting it provides the opportunity for something bigger and better to rise from the dust.

It is not content waiting for someone else to take that leap.


The orange cat has particular symbolic meaning in the modern world as it symbolises the sun and the climate.

It drives us to action to save our planet from the excesses of humanity, where an irresponsible few pollute the atmosphere and damage Mother Nature.


But it also symbolises optimism, the drive behind everything else it symbolises.

Things can get better if you put your mind to it and apply yourself with full commitment.

You can save the planet, you can claim your riches and your glory and do some good while you are at it.

Those who have an orange tabby as a pet are more optimistic because that’s the energy that they give out.


And lastly, the orange cat symbolises the vital energy that keeps us all going.

This is not only symbolic of the sun’s energy, which gives life to this planet and everything on it, but also the spiritual energies that drive us from within and the physical energies that allow us to manifest our will.

So, at the end of it all, the orange cat symbolises an optimistic drive to lead the world to change, for the betterment of humanity and, of course, yourself.