One of the most common experiences we have with the spirit world shows up in places that we might not expect – photography.

Specifically, the little (or large!) balls of energy that show up in photos, that are commonly called “orbs”.

The spiritual energy that runs through our world may be as old as time, but strangely enough, it is with modern technology that most people encounter the spirit world first hand.

But what are these orbs, and what does it mean when one shows up in a photo?Orb In Photos and what they mean

Spirits As Orbs

It is thought by many in the metaphysical community that most orbs are passed spirits visiting the physical plane.

This is because most people who notice these orbs in photos have taken to reporting strange happenings and metaphysical symptoms at the same time.

Sometimes they even show up apparently in response to a spiritual event. These orbs are often spirit guides, responding either to being called or simply because they are needed.

As for why these spirits appear as orbs, the shape of the orb is as simple as a physical form can get.

Souls who have left the physical world behind must create their own physical vessel, and the easier, the better.

Orbs As Messages

Some orbs are not actually spirits, but messages from the spirit world.

If you are engaging in your spiritual practice and you ask for guidance from the spirit world, the response may come in the form of an orb in a photo. In this case, the sphere is a straightforward message:

“We hear you, and we guide you.”

The rest of the message, the response to your question or request, usually lies beneath the experience that led to the orb appearing.

Putting it simply, you need to contemplate the feelings and sensations you had when you took the photo to decipher the message.

The orb, in this case, is just a marker, telling you where you should let your mind go when you next meditate.

Often these orbs are less clear-cut and can be explained by tricks of light, as spirits find it easier to manipulate nature than they do manifesting in the physical plane.

Orbs As Negative Beings

Very occasionally, orbs in photos can represent an evil entity that is often tied to or trapped in particular a place.

These beings are created by tragedy, pain and loss and usually stay where they are until someone cleanses the area.

Unless you are experienced in this practice, you should not attempt to cleanse negative beings from a place.

In fact, if you spot an orb in a photo and you have been experiencing feelings of dread or unease, then you should get out of there as soon as possible.

Orbs in photos are quite common, but they may be our best window into the metaphysical world that we can show to the non-spiritual among us.

Try taking pictures around you when you get the feeling of an orb or even just energy you can’t explain. You may be lucky enough to capture an orb.