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Clear Orbs

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Seeing a clear orb means the spirit is trying to communicate with you, or letting you know they are there for you. Clear orbs are very common.

Silver Orbs

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Silver orbs give you strength and protection. They are very positive energies, they could be someone close to you.

Black or Brown Orbs

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Black orbs are a sign of danger. If they appear in your photo, then the area you were in is negative or not safe. Just be careful.


Red and Orange Orbs

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Red and orange orbs are a sign of safety and security. You are receiving healing, strength and comfort from spirit. This Orb could be a teacher guiding you in your path.

Blue Orbs

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A blue orb represents calmness and healing energy. They are known to be guides from the higher planes offering you protection.

Green Orbs

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Green orbs represent healing energy. They are connected with nature and love.



Yellow Orbs

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Yellow orbs are known to be a sign of caution from your guides. Pay attention to this one.

Purple Orbs

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Purple orbs are carrier of information. Purple is a metaphysical colour, they either seek guidance or want you to consider a metaphysical lifestyle.

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