Orbs in pictures are evidence of the presence of spiritual beings. This phenomenon has been documented since the beginning of modern photography, with amateur and professional photographers alike reporting the appearance of these otherworldly entities.

orbs in pictures

It is not generally understood by those that see them precisely what these orbs are. To help explain why orbs show up in photographs, it helps to start by understanding the nature of these orb-like entities.

Have you Noticed Orbs in Pictures?

First, it helps to define what we mean by an orb.

An orb is a visual artifact in a picture that shows up even though the person who took the picture could not see it at the time.

It does not include visual artifacts caused by “lens glare” or the effect of the Sun or other light source on the camera’s lens. It is usually easy to tell if this is the case.

When it is not the case, you may well have a picture of a genuine orb.

They appear roughly round, though sometimes they are somewhat distorted. They are translucent, meaning that you can see through them, but they still have some color.

In terms of color, they can appear in a variety of hues – from the common white or silver orbs, green and blue orbs, to the very rare golden orbs that show up only very occasionally.

As mentioned, they are not usually visible to the naked eye. This makes them difficult to study because it is not until later when the photographer looks at the pictures that they notice the orb.

By then, it is often too late to go back and search for evidence of the entity that caused it.

But some people have investigated this phenomenon quite extensively. They have uncovered the secrets of these otherworldly orbs – and the picture that they paint of them is deeply intriguing.

Where Do Orbs Come From?

An orb, as it turns out, is the physical manifestation of an energy being that has entered our three-dimensional reality.

They are spiritual beings, meaning that they arrive here from the astral plane.

On the astral plane, they do not appear as orbs but take a form of their choosing. This is because they have a more stable form in that reality, whereas in our reality, their existence can only be fleeting.

Because they are beings of pure energy with no physical form, they cannot exist for long in our material plane. In fact, they find it challenging to exist here at all.

Some particularly powerful beings can appear as orbs that are visible to the naked eye. There have been sporadic reports of such phenomena throughout human history, but they are rare enough to assume that this is a difficult feat that only some beings can perform.

Most of the time, they can only muster enough physical energy to exist as an invisible orb for a short period. For most of history, this has gone unnoticed.

Once we had photography, everything changed.

The advent of digital cameras, in particular, was a game-changer. Traditional film cameras work in the same way as the human eye – they are what is known as electrochemical in nature.

But digital cameras work purely on the wavelength of light and electricity, taking chemical properties entirely out of the equation.

This makes them particularly good at spotting invisible orbs, as this is the frequency that most orbs exist at. That is why we cannot see them with the naked eye, but a digital camera can see them quite well.

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Of course, the fact that they can now be seen is one thing, but we have yet to talk about why they are in the first place.

Why Do Orbs Appear In Pictures?

The first thing to note is that it takes an incredible amount of energy for any being to transfer itself from the astral plane into the material.

It stands to reason that any being that does make the transition, however briefly, must be doing so intentionally.

As an analogy, think of a door in a busy corridor.

If the door is left wide open and is therefore very easy to go through, then somebody entering the room may well be doing so by accident. They might simply have stumbled in, thinking that was the way to wherever they were going.

But if the door is closed, bolted, and has a burly doorman guarding it, it is very unlikely someone would stumble in accidentally. They would have to get around the doorman and break down the door. The likelihood that someone could do that accidentally is practically zero.

The same is true of beings who manifest on the material plane. It takes such energy and effort to make that transition that the chances of doing so accidentally are almost nil.

Therefore, orbs in pictures are not just evidence of a spiritual being on the material plane, but a spiritual being that has intentionally traveled to the material plane.

Which begs a further question – what is their purpose for traveling here?

To answer this question, it helps to think about the kind of energy that could be used to make the transition from astral to the material. Not all energy is created equal.

We know from frequency charts that some of the highest frequency energy is associated with love.

Energy beings can use the frequency of love to travel to the material plane. It is therefore very likely that a large portion of the orbs we see in pictures that can be attributed to these beings are there because of love.

Why might a being wield the power of love’s frequency to travel to the material plane – in a huge outlay of energy and effort – just to appear in a photo?

Could Your Orb Be A Loved One?

I have a vivid memory of a summer afternoon I spent at my grandparents’ house when I was a child.

The whole family was there, and it was decided that we would take a family photo. Unfortunately, with all the grandkids and aunts and uncles, it was an absolute nightmare getting everybody in the frame and smiling at the same time.

Every time we thought we had it, it would turn out that someone had blinked or one of the kids had run off or was looking the wrong way.

It took what felt like the whole afternoon to get that photo. We might never have got it, but my grandmother kept insisting that we try until we got it right.

And in the end, we did. It was a beautiful photo and is now a cherished memory.

The point of that story is:

Loved ones will often make a gargantuan effort to create memories together.

It takes a lot of energy for a spiritual being to enter the material plane, and that energy is most often love.

It stands to reason that most orbs in pictures, most beings that can make that transition, are doing so to visit a loved one.

White orb meaning

If you have recently lost a loved one or you take a photo in a place strongly associated with someone you sorely miss, the appearance of an orb could be them reaching out to make one more memory – to reassure you that they are still over your shoulder, looking down on you.

Tips For Seeing Orbs In Pictures

To finish up, we have some tips for those of you hoping to capture more orbs in your photographs.

They are mostly unpredictable, but there are some things you can do to make capturing an orb on camera more likely:

1. Go to spiritually significant places. Locations of high energy include natural surroundings, cemeteries, and old houses.

2. Pay attention to your pets. Animals are more strongly attuned to the frequencies involved and can often spot orbs invisible to the human eye. If the family dog seems particularly interested in something that you cannot see, try taking a photo.

3. Orbs can sometimes be summoned. It is possible to summon an orb by merely asking for one to appear. This is no guarantee, but investigations have shown that asking does make it more likely that you will see one.

4. Use a digital camera rather than a film camera. Digital cameras are more effective at capturing orbs because they work on the same wavelengths of light as energy beings.

5. Take numerous photos in quick succession. Orbs move very quickly, so when trying to photograph one in a place you have seen before, it is best to take a series of pictures in quick succession to capture any orbs that are moving around.

6. Adjust the settings on your camera. Different orbs appear in different circumstances, so if you are having trouble capturing them on camera, then have a play around with the settings to see if you can find a configuration that works.