Orbs in Pictures – What are Orbs?

Have you Noticed Orbs in Pictures ?

Many have been noticing orbs in pictures, maybe you have taken digital photographs and have been noticing them and wondering what they are and what they mean.

Where Do Orbs Come From ?

orbs in pictures

Photographed Orb in a picture


When we look at a photograph of an orb, we understand that an orb starts it’s journey when the consciousness of a sentient being comes from another plane into our 3rd dimensional realm and shows up, mostly as an image recorded on film. It is an energetic footprint recorded from an outside reality, into our own physical reality, we notice that this process in an intentional one.

It is our explanation that these energies come from Spirit Beings, and turn up as orbs in pictures, this is proof that our reality is endless and our understanding of physics, as in the speed of light and modern particle physics are mainly unexplored.

It is amazing to know that just by their very presents, we are faced with the fact that there are sentient beings, maybe with a greater intelligent mind than our own, that are able to coexist with us in our physical reality.

How Do Orbs in Pictures show up ?


You can see orbs in pictures because they tend to generate minute energies, the energy is not from their own, they get the energy by simply converting them from physical energy that we are offering them when we take digital photographs with flash.

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1. Orbs are not spiritual beings just by them selves, but they are the energy of spirits.

orbs in pictures 3326346

Many Orbs appear in a photograph

2. You can see orbs in pictures taken by digital cameras but sometimes they can show up even with conventional cameras.

3. Because of the technology in digital cameras, it can just take little physical energy for an orb to be photographed.

4. Orbs take very little physical energy to be recorded in digital images from a camera flash.

5. Orbs tend to focus their energy with great accuracy into the camera rather than in any other directions where there no cameras.

6. Orbs tend to respond to requests for them to appear in photographs. If not they probably won’t show up.



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