Orbs are a paranormal phenomenon that many people are familiar with. But did you know that some orbs can have faces?

There are a few different theories as to why these orbs might appear with faces on them.

They are only theories though, so we’ll let you decide which one of these explanations of orbs with faces you think is right.

Loved Ones Visiting

While it isn’t true for every instance, a remarkably high number of orbs with faces that we hear about were spotted while the person seeing them was highly emotional.

For instance, these orbs with faces often show up at funerals with the face of the lost loved one.

They are also known to show up at weddings, birthdays and other milestone events, which lends some credibility to the idea that these orbs are lost loved ones turning up for important moments.

In this light, these orbs are proof that you are never walking alone through this life, even if it sometimes feels like it. Those who have passed watch on, caring for us from a distance most of the time – yet occasionally coming a little closer to help us through the dark times.

Spirits Struggling To Materialise

Some spirits can take human form if someone brings them into the physical plane. It has been documented as part of paranormal investigations all over the world.

But the rarity of this tells us that it is incredibly challenging to do.

One theory for orbs with faces is that energy orbs are far easier to materialise than a human form.

Spirits that cannot muster the energy to appear in human form can choose an orb form to stay for longer (or even make it at all).

It explains why the faces we see in these orbs are often out of focus, appearing more like an impression than a photograph.

It is already taking massive amounts of energy to get through to our side; a blurry face might be as good as we can get.

It also explains as to why so many people who see orbs with faces can identify them as famous figures.

Famous figures tend to have a lot of spiritual energy, as the state of being well-known means having many more connections than others around you.

A spirit will need a high energy level to cross over with a clear face on their orb.

Spirit Worlds

There is a niche theory that states that orbs are not individual spirits at all, but rather spirit worlds.

People who support this theory say that the orbs are like little Earths, inside which exists a whole planet of spirits who live a lot like us.

This opens up the possibility that our planet is just another spirit orb, floating around in some other world, confusing and intriguing its inhabitants.

The faces in this instance would be of random individuals, or perhaps even an amalgamation of all the faces within.

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