Orion starseeds came to earth during the 60’s to the 90’s. They were the ones paving the way for many young people who had no direction in life.

They were the ones supporting the out of control teens or the wayward friend.

If you were the child, who looked up to the stars and wondered where you belong. It was Orion’s belt that had your attention. There was something mysterious about it; you had the sense of belonging there.

The truth is, you have been to every corner of the universe, but there are places which felt like home. Could it be that’s where you felt the most joy? Very possible.

Why do we look up to the stars and into the darkness of space and wonder? When we look at ourselves in the mirror, somehow the very same sentence echoes when we look into space.

You are the universe in a human space suit

You have no limits, no beginning or end, and you transcend time because you are oneness and a powerful soul.

What does a powerful soul like yourself do to find an equal like yourself? The answer would be, the Universe creates you and me, and many others to experience life, age and time.

Your Home

There will always be places that feel close to home. This is because you have experienced many life forms throughout the Universe.

Earth is also your home, and right now there is no better place in the Universe.

Orion Starseeds Role on Earth

As an Orion starseed, you have a significant role to play on Earth. There is a reason why you are here. You do have a powerful way of lighting up people and the world. You are someone who has aligned with the Universe.

You are a bit of an activist, so you care about this planet, in fact, you care about every being here.

You never care about money, but you do spend big to make things better, you prefer to run your own business.


  • You have deep compassion for Earth and strive to save it.
  • You understand every being here and know everyone deserves peace.
  • You can inspire people to see a better world.
  • You always complete task and projects, your way of doing things is to complete one then move on to the next.

Orion starseed characteristics

It’s important to recognise these traits and characteristics if you are not sure. I have made it easier by listing them below.


You are the expert at logical thinking and understand the mind very well. You find it hard to feel your way through life. You spend most of your time trying to understand people using logic.

Need for validation

You have many beliefs and opinions, and often try to get others to conform to them. You don’t understand why people think differently.


Knowledge is your home, and it makes you feel comfortable and confident. You rely on it to win over conversations or impress others. You learn for fun and love knowing things. Your interest in knowledge runs quite deep.

Bad in relationships

Your logical thinking gets you in trouble in relationships. You don’t like it when someone reacts emotionally. You are curious and want to understand emotions, but your logical thinking takes over.


Orion starseeds need lots of time alone to recharge. It also means you are quite sensitive. You need time away from the madness of this world. You don’t hang out in big crowds or go overboard with socialising. You are content having time to yourself.

Sense of humour

You have a great sense of humour, so you are never stuck in your head, you are human after all. Yes you are alive, and you are human, your sense of humour brings you great confidence in yourself.

Not everyone is as smart and witty as you. It comes down to your knowledge of this world and you know its a funny place. Friends and colleagues love this side of you.


Most starseeds get stuck in their heads and plan for an exit. You are here to enjoy this magical place, yes, even though it is hard work.

Mother Earth needs our help, many Orion starseeds are here to assist. Whether you do this through activism or other causes, remember we all have a role to play.

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