Out of body experiences dangers are unsettling and unnerving, especially if you’re an amateur astral projector.

Most of them stem due to psychological reasons. Let us expand on some of them to understand how they affect the human body and psyche.

Psychological Addiction

Astral projection is not so dissimilar to taking a drug. You develop a certain addiction towards it as soon as you get the hang of it.

And why wouldn’t you? It’s a spiritual experience that is not only riveting but also tremendously alluring. Similar to all other addictions, it’s bound to have a bruising effect on your personal life at some point.

You’ll turn a blind eye towards relationships, friends and siblings because you’re almost always preoccupied with your experiences in the astral plane.

Your career goes into a downward spiral. In helpless temptation, you’re unable to control your condition.

Hazards due to a Poor Grounding Technique

A poor grounding can land you in dire trouble. Grounding is the first and the most critical step of astral projection.

To steer clear of out of body experience dangers, you must learn how to ground correctly in the astral plane. There are countless methods to do so, and each requires intensive practice.

Many people often face difficulty while grounding. But it’s something that can be remedied with proper technique and self-awareness.

Improper grounding can sometimes have serious implications, such as lack of concentration, social detachment, muscle cramps etc.

The onset of physical symptoms is due to the body’s persistent attempts to force you back to the material plane. Pain in the joints is quite common in this situation. As you adjust to your day-to-day activities, things normalise.


Exhaustion to the point of overwhelming depression completely envelops you once you return from your astral voyage.

It’s important to let your mind rest after each astral journey. Sleep properly, eat healthily and exercise to get yourself back on your feet.

Spirit Attachment

This is one of the more severe hazards of out of body experiences. Spirits can bring death and destruction to your life. Most demonic spirits don’t take it easy on you.

They are the cause of numerous problems, including financial instability, string of failed relationships and lack of self-control.

It’s highly important to shield yourself from spirit attacks in the astral plane. As we all know that the astral dimension is filled with spirit presences.

So, shielding yourself in such a place is imperative. Without it, you’re willingly exposing yourself to a world of dangers.

One thing you can do to prepare yourself for spirit attacks is by mentally preparing yourself before plunging into the astral world.

The best way to do that is to keep your intuition clear. Our intuition is our guiding light. It helps us navigate the astral dimension with utmost ease.

Traversing across spiritual dimensions requires proper care and deliberation. Make sure you don’t make an ill-conceived plan to travel to places such as these.

Seek the help of a Master projector if you have to.