Situated at the crown of the head, the crown Chakra or Sahasrara connects the spiritual and material realms.

It regulates your emotional stability, creative thought, spirituality, inner wisdom and personal attachment.

Through Sarahasrara, we feel one with the universe and all there is, and this divine unification propels us towards compassion and empathy for all forms of life.

An overactive crown chakra can lead to detachment from your environment, giving birth to a host of physical and non-physical symptoms.

You might feel isolated from yourself and the outside world. A queasy feeling of being ‘far out’’ might lead you astray.

Narcissistic tendencies and haughtiness might also pollute your personality. This self-centric behaviour steals your respect for life.

Causes of Blocked Crown Chakra

Misleading ambitions and a materialistic and superficial attitude towards life can block a crown chakra.

We’re living a life of slavery. In a world where little importance is given to spirituality and true passions, it’s quite easy to slip into a state of negativity.

So, if you’re doing something that disinterests you, instead of clinging to it like slaves, try to step out of it. Take a break from the monotony of your daily life to restore balance to your blocked chakra.

Blocked crown chakra symptoms


When your crown chakra is blocked, you fail to make simple decisions. You’re unsure about your plans. Every career and lifestyle choice seems like a waste of time.

Your inability to decide on the simplest of things stunts your social life and turns you into a social pariah.

Emotional Detachment

Emotional detachment is one of the biggest reasons why people feel empty and nothing. The disease of existentialism has plagued philosophers, scientists and the common folk.

A blocked crown chakra is one of its leading causes.


Intense greed and a rapacious appetite for materialistic and superficial belongings are also quite evident in people with a blocked crown chakra.

They’re never satisfied with what they have and always take everything for granted. Neglect and emotional unavailability mar their relationships.


Of course, when you’re out-of-sorts, and detached from the outside world and your inner realms, you’re bound to plunge into an abyss of depression.


A superiority complex and general distaste for others pollute your personality. Instead of seeing beauty in others, you see them as dilapidated machines that are undeserving of life.

Physical Symptoms

Sustained migraines, chronic fatigue, hair loss and hormonal imbalances are all linked with a blocked crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Healing Symptoms

When the crown chakra undergoes a period of convalescence, the following symptoms are manifested.

Intense Headaches and Migraines

When your crown chakra opens up, it feels as if someone is forcefully poking sharp objects in your brain. It’s similar to sticking a small needle or a metal pipe.

Sometimes, the pain is localised, in case of migraines, and sometimes it’s evenly distributed. It indicates that your brain centres are opening up.

Electrical Shocks

Waves of electrical shocks might run down your spinal cord because it is closely associated with your central nervous system. Bursts of inner light explosions might also ensue.


The ability to anticipate events might significantly improve. Your wild hunches and gut instincts might lead you to things you love.

An admiration for the things you had lost interest in might awaken. You might start to believe in things you never did before. Open-mindedness replaces a parochial attitude towards life.

Foods for crown chakra

The colour associated with the crown chakra is white. Intaking foods with different shades of white can elevate your dampen spirits.


Mushrooms are a great testosterone boosting source. Testosterone is not just a muscle building hormone.

It regulates essential neurological processes, which can help you remove the blockages in your crown chakra. Mushrooms are great for depression, anxiety.

A recent study has shown that mushrooms can reboot the mind of a person suffering from depression.


Garlic has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties provide relief to the areas of the mind that are directly linked to the crown chakra.


Aside from the medical applications of ginger, the spiritual benefits of ginger are far and sundry. One of which is its ability to heal an overactive crown chakra.

Ginger is a relief providing food. It’s used as an antiseptic as well. It helps to relieve the mind off sensory overload.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a miracle liquid. It was even famously used by a dying HIV patient to treat his deteriorating condition with amazing results.

It provides relief to the crown of your head, restoring the flow of blood to the amygdala, cerebellum and the cerebral cortex. Coconut oil has numerous other benefits as well, such as rejuvenating the skin.