An overactive third eye chakra can cause intense psychological and physical anguish. It leads to sensory overload and leaves you overstrained.

When there is hyperactivity in the centres where this critical chakra is located, you might feel flooded with surplus information.

You might also have hallucinations and visions of a dimension you have no familiarity with.

Sensory imbalance as a result of a hyper third eye chakra can be immensely distressing if you’re not grounded properly.

Symptoms of Overactive Third Eye Chakra

Delusions and Hallucinations

Losing grip with reality is one of the most frequent signs of an overactive third eye chakra.

You might feel trapped in a fantastical world, where every structure and design defies reason and logic. People have also reported visualising terrifying images of creatures and places.

These visualisations have brought forth anxiety, apprehensions, a perpetual state of trepidation, and sensory imbalance.

Surplus Misinformation

A constant stream of thoughts and information tires you to the point of mental exhaustion. This surplus information can cause indecision, inability to target creative thought for constructive purposes and lack of concentration. Most of all, it can trap you in a surreal world where you are constantly bombarded with misinformation.

Physical Symptoms

Headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, Memory loss, optical defects and mental disorders are all associated mainly with an overactive third eye chakra.

Third Eye Pressure: What does it mean?

Pressure on the third eye can mean one thing and one thing only. And that is awakening. When your third eye opens, tingles or palpitates like a throbbing heart, it means that your third eye is starting to vibrate at a higher intensity.

Also formerly known as the brow chakra or the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra regulates your gut instincts, wild hunches and your intuition.

When your third eye twitches, it means that it is opening to raise your vibration, and in turn helping you to see the world more vividly.

After it completely awakens, you’ll be able to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. Your perceptions about the world and life itself will completely change.

You will start to give importance to things that are of spiritual significance rather than materialistic value because you’re able to see right from wrong.

Third Eye Opening Side Effects

Sensory Overload

The Third eye opens the door to several new spiritual dimensions. For some people, the information contained in these spiritual realms is hard to process all at once and may cause sensory overload.

So, be aware before awakening your third eye, because it’s overburdening for someone who is not ready to plunge into the world of spirituality.

Spiritual Entrapment

When you stumble across a new world, which is entirely different from the real world, you become infatuated with it. This severely affects your relationships, social life, and real-life progress.

You become obsessed with new spiritual dimensions. Everything from your practical life disinterests you.

You’re unable to develop an interest in anything that is necessary for your social and economic survival.

People who are unable to cope with domineering effects of the third eye chakra become a burden for their families instead of proving themselves as pillars of support.

Third Chakra Eye Blockage

A third eye chakra helps you differentiate between the real and surreal. Damage in the slightest sense can cause severe physical, psychological and neurological effects on your overall health.

This chakra is located at the forehead or your crown, and is closely associated with the pineal gland. It works together with the pineal gland to regulate vision, memory and imagination.

Suppress your Competitive Nature

Intuition strengthens when you release competition. A competitive environment drains your mental capacities and renders you useless in times of creative thought and imaginative expansion.

Recognize competitive factors in your life, such as academic rivalries, and take firm steps to subdue them.

Indulge in non-competitive activities, such as meditation, chanting, yoga etc. There are many practices that you can adopt to clear the blockages holding your third eye chakra captive.

Create your own brand of Goodness and Wisdom

Most people simply survive on goodness and wisdom that is readily available from other people. It is essential to seek answers from within to develop your personal brand of kindness.

This line of action promotes originality, creative thought, an escape from social templates, and embracement of creative thought.

Listen Instead of Processing

Never dismiss important messages in your surroundings. Listen to people with all your attention. Believe in the spontaneity of information. Instead of processing its every aspect, let it store in your mind.

For instance, if someone is talking about spirituality and a higher power don’t interrupt them or counter-argue. Just sit down, listen with engrossing concentration and let their message heal your third eye chakra.

Eat Mind-Friendly Food

Eat foods that are replete with Vitamin and omega 3-fatty acids as they constitute a major part of our brains and the areas where the third eye chakra is located.

Antioxidants, coconut oil and energisers, like tea and coffee are also quite beneficial.